How to merge, bounce or resample two audio events

OK I have given up on the idea that in Cubase I can have two clips that are overlapped to play at the same time. See Stupid Question on overlaps - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Very disappointed that this and other edits can so easily be done in Studio One V2. But on the other hand Cubase can do more overall than Studio One. I cannot figure out why one program can do some things easily and intuitively without having to read the manual or ask for help in the forum.

My request for help on this forum:
How do I easily merge two overlapping audio events that are on a separate track so that the new event includes or merges both waveforms?

I am prepared for a reply that will be very embarrassing. :blush:

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With a simple mixdown or the “merge clipboard” function…

my opinion: this “feature” is needed only rarely and it confuses.

anf if you like S1, go with it! :sunglasses:
S1 has far too few features, and cubase has so many advantages. sorry, but my personal opinion.

Hello thinkingcap,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

The mixdown does not qualify as an “easily merge” in my opinion. It would if I only did this occasionally but I am composing in a montage method combining many audio events as I improvise. I am new to this so there is a “simple mixdown” method that I am not aware of? I am not trying to be funny!

As for the “merge clipboard” I could not get two events into the sample editor to get them to merge into one event. Must be doing something wrong.

I believe that Wavelab may have the workflow for this but unfortunately it means more $.

Hi Centralmusic,

Everything I am asking in this thread and my previous one I was able to easily do without confusion nor a manual nor a forum inquiry in Studio One.

As stated before I love Cubase because it can do much more than most DAW’s and this is why I am asking here for help. Obviously The Cubase people do so much right but they cannot please everyone.

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Using audio mixdown can be a lot quicker than most people think.

Most important thing is to set up a keycommand to open the export dialogue box.
First time exporting in a project set the export destination to the project audio pool and tick import to new track option. Cubase will remember these settings.

From here on you can work with tracks as you would lanes in S1. When you have something sounding the way you want it,) press your export shortcut, name your new file and click export and boom there’s your merged audio on a track.

If you’re doing this a lot leave the export dialogue open, since C6 you can work with it open.

Some other tips to speed up workflow (if you don’t know them)
“p” sets the locators to whatever event/s highlighted.
Select multiple tracks to solo by highlighting them (use shift click) then press “s”

Good luck.

Kev Vin,

Yes your suggestion is a bit easier than I thought but still to complex compared to what I am use to. What I need to merge is events not tracks.

I can work in Studio One and for special edits drag and drop the events into Cubase do what need to be done and drag and drop back to Studio One. I was hoping to stay in Cubase. I have already tried this and even though not totally happy with the workflow it is still the most efficient I have found.

Thanks for the “p” and “s” suggestion !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Easiest way (in my opinion :wink:):

Create a new Group-track, route all your audio tracks on it
(Select all and hold the shift-ke while you select the track-output)
Create one track that is called e.g. “Merged audio” and select the
Group for its input. Now whenever you need to merge something,
simply record it on that track.

I hope this helps.

Best regards.

Hello No1Beats,

I was unable to follow your instructions. I can see in any case that this takes more steps and less flexibility than I currently have.

What I want is so amazingly easy in Studio One. So when I need to overlap and/or bounce (merge) multiple audio events I will continue to work there and when I need more functionality I will copy and paste the events into Cubase.

I appreciate all for contributing. :smiley:

Have you looked at the Merge Clipboard function in the Audio Processing Menu?

Page 247 explains how it works!

Or the “mege clipboard” function…

Ok. Now you made me curious. Never heard of it.
Where’s my manual??

That’s the beauty of Cubase, plenty of little things to discover :stuck_out_tongue:

And to repeat (for thinkingcap)

Hello Split,

thinkingcap had earlier suggested the Merge Clipboard function. Ok got it to work but still a lot of work to do a simple merge.

In Studio One in the track view I select two or three audio events whether they are overlapping on a single track or on separate on different tracks and then clicking bounce and it is done. I can audition prior to clicking. Can’t get simpler than that.

Am I overlooking some advantage to using the Merge Clip/Sample editor?

Cubase does lack a simple “bounce” function.

We work with the tools we have.

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You must have heard the Jeeps may have a factory recall for their defective gas tanks. I drive a jeep and so that makes me a Jeep driving Cubase user with overwhelming overlapping bouncing gas tank issues.

I do not see the bounce issue as a bug. It seems I am the only one here to be bothered by the lack of overlapping and easy bouncing.

Thanks for the link

That may be that you the only one atm.
For me It looks normal because never used another sequencer i am used to this.
Also made "collages of differnt samples but was happy to have each piece on a single audiotrack so i could eq each sample by its needs. once my mingeling was done Data>export mixdown nameit choose parameters (copy to projectfolder and add to project as wav) and finished.

Greetz Bassbase

Looked into this issue myself. The answer, such as it is, can be found on page 305. Sadly this does not seem to work for me (7.05). I copy the chopped up track and then hit Merge Clipboard only to get the response “there is no audio in the clipboard”. Sigh…

Then you certainly haven´t followed the manual…