How to Move pitch bend Data

Hi guys is there a way to move Ptch bend data alone,and keep the notes in the same place.


Okay?,How doI do It? Pleaseee :wink:

automation lane, pitchbend

Okay? and the process is??// I’m right in the pitchbend Controller lane now Clicking and dragging nothing

Can someone tell me the steps how this is done please?? I just want to move pitch bend data alone.

Come on guys, someone must have move pitch bend data once intheir life :slight_smile:


Could have had the simple answer quicker by checking out the manual. Been covered on the forum many times, also.

Actually I Have been reading the manual and Searched the Forum.Did’nt find it .I just want to move Pitch Bend Data alone without the notes

Without reading the manual or searching the forum it took me 5 seconds to figure out for myself.

Torture me will you! But how do I do it?. click and drag does’nt seem to be working .

open your editor window for the track and go to the bottom of the editor you will see your automation lane , choose what ever automation you require in the box on the left hand side

Okay then! Thank you so much.Now we’re getting somewhere
Thanks again!

before you ask … double click on the part you want to edit

Just to clarify, automation lane does not equal controller lane. This is about controller lanes in key edit. Pitch bend is not available in automation lanes in the project window.

steve can sort you out as im not using the "correct " terminology

Okay guys i did bring up the controller lane for Pitch Bend How do I move/shift Pitch bend to the left This is all I want
That’s it!

Also, bear in mind that the Editor’s current Snap setting is also valid for controllers (and pitchbend)… so, if you have Snap active, and set to, say, quarter-notes, you won’t see any movement until you drag further than a quarter-note’s length.

Ok then I did click and drag in the Pitch Bend Controller lane ,it’s not working.