How to nudge forwards backwards in small increments

Hello I have the new Cubase 9 Pro.

I recently updated and want to look a a few midi notes very closely.

I double click on the events and I zoom in but how do I nudge back or forwards of those midi notes every so slightly ? If I take the slider bar (as is) and and try to look just in front of the midi note it would zoom past the notes and it misses the mark by what seems like miles. I know there is a nudge mode but where is it?

Thank you Cubase forum


Nudge depends on the Grid settings. If you select Time Code or Seconds as the main ruler, then you also get small Nudge values.

Myself, I move mouse cursor over the last digit in the Info Line Start Position and use mouse scroll wheel to adjust the value.

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I dont get result Im looking for with that. Once zoomed in on a cluster of midi notes, I use the transport panel using the arrows left and right to scroll but it pushes too far to the left of the notes or too far right if I click on the transport panel forward and rewind that is why I need nudge to move the screen a little to left or right (too see on either side of my midi notes)

Sorry, do you want to move any event, or the Playback Cursor?

If you want to move the Cursor, you can do what I wrote with the Info line, but you will do it in the Transport Panel Time display. So move your mouse over the last digit in the Time Display, and use mouse scroll-wheel to change the value.

I think Cubase should have separate quantize settings for nudge. Like in other DAWs. :wink:

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Isn’t it just a mess at the end? In Cubase the Grid is kind of my current “resolution”. I don’t have to think of I want to Nudge cursor or MIDI Note or Audio Part. The “resolution” is always the same, it’s global. Very straightforward for me.

I usually want to nudge in finer increments than what my “global” quantize is set at…so it requires changing the quantize setting each time or changing the bar/beats to time…and then back again. A more rational/logical approach would be to have separate nudge quantize settings …as featured in other DAWS for a good reason.

Exactly this. In post production (scoring for films) I most often need to move things by frames, for example, which is completely independent of quantize.

Create a command using a P.L.E. and/or Logical Editor preset. You can move by any measurement.

The ones I’ve tried that have been posted here don’t work the same, I’m afraid. Unless you have one that does? I’m all for it if you do – please post! My mind doesn’t always work so well with creating PLEs/Logical Editor presets. :smiley:

It’s quite simple. In both the PLE and LE:

Property > Selected

Position > Add (or subtract or ?) > [choose the measurement and amount]

Huh! I’ll try that, thanks. The other ones I saw/tried were based on clicking and dragging, not entering in a value and amount. Click and drag is faster/more intuitive overall to me, and is the reason why the other DAWs have it the way they do; but I’ll try this – it’s a partial stopgap at least until Cubase finally gets this needed feature.

I don’t know, but I think the OP is actually asking how to nudge the transport cursor, not objects and events.

So use the zoom commands and have a look the Transport menu or in the Key Commands dialog under Transport for the choices available there. Or follow Martins already posted advice:

Oh, my bad! I posted that on the wrong thread. Sorry!

Geeez! In_Stereo, that was an awesome tip.

I have the other problem - I often want to nudge notes forward or backwards a tiny bit. I’ve been using Cubase for decades and I’m sure it used to have a little “foot” tool with which you could “kick” notes according to the quantise value. So convenient. But, of course - as with so many useful features - it’s either been removed or so carefully hidden that I can’t find this feature. Steinberg infuriate me, but I’m kinda stuck with them for life.! So - how do I nudge notes please? - I work in Score edit almost exclusively.


I’m using custom-made Logical Editor Presets. For example: Shift +1 Frame

Filter Target
( Type is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Position | Add | 0:00:00:01 Frame


You can create multiple of these presets and assign own Key Commands.

If you want to shift the all tracks’ data (for example the Strings with an longer Attack), but you prefer to keep it graphically at the original position (for example in the grid), you can also use the Track Delay in Milliseconds parameter in the Inspector of the track.

Damn, why can’t we just move objects (midi notes or audio clips) by some small amount that’s not related to quantize?

1/128th of a bar is much too coarse when you’re playing around with subtle rhythmic changes.

The suggestion above using the logical editor work for position, but i don’t believe they work for moving the start or end points of an object (actually, maybe they work for the end because you can do length, but if you want to move only the start, you’d need some complicated extra logic step that changes length at the same time).

I understand that it’s possible by changing the ruler to timecode or samples, but then we lose or bar/beat grid lines and would need to make a complicated macro that just switches the ruler while moving and then switches back to bars/beats afterwards.

Maybe you should try to gain some experience in using the LE outside of composing activities. This request is actually quite basic.

here’s one that might help you get started for this use case.

Aha, you are right!

But there’s still one problem.

This all works fine with MIDI & audio parts in the main arrange window, but i notice that if i go inside a MIDI part, it doesn’t matter if i select one, all, some or none of the MIDI notes, they all move, because it’s the whole MIDI part that’s being adjusted.

So we also need some way to tell the project logical editor that if we’re inside a MIDI or audio part, it should only change the selected event, not the part itself.

Is that in some way possible?