How to Play Halion Instruments with Midi Keyboard

So, I have an instrument loaded into the Halion Sonic SE and when I use my computer mouse to click on the virtual keyboard I’m able to play it. However, I plugged in my Midi keyboard but when I strike a note it does not trigger playback within Dorico. I’d like to be able to load up and instrument and play around on my keyboard a bit with the virtual library before I start notating. Is that even possible? Thanks.

I’m not a Dorico user but the answer to your question may lie in this thread:

Good luck.

Double click on the the stave/instrument you want to become active (as if you are about to enter some notes) then hit ESC. Now controller data will be forwarded to the instrument you’ve set up for the stave in the Play tab.

Also be aware that you can upgrade to HALion SE 3 for free. Version 3 will work in your non-Steinberg hosts, and includes a ‘stand alone’ player. Note the player does not come with ‘content’ but Dorico does…so as long as Dorico is properly licensed on the computer you can play its included HALion content packs in other hosts, and in SE’s stand alone mode.

Here is a link to get SE 3:

Here is a thread about SE3 in Dorico that might cover potential questions about SE: