How to quickly copy Chord Symbols?

Dear all,

So far, in another program, my workflow to quickly copy & past Chord Symbols was to select the passage (bars) with what I wanted to copy, then filter for Chord Symbols, and then copy & paste.
In Dorico, the Chord Symbols aren’t selected along with the notes when I click in an empty area of a bar. It would be nice to keep the existing workflow in that respect.


I would like this, too.


Agreed. Me too.

Dorico used to offer this functionality. The problem with it was that it was exceptionally easy to edit or delete all of your chord symbols while cutting and pasting, because if you pasted over existing chord symbols it would replace with whatever you were pasting.

In “the old software” if you made an editing mistake in, day, a guitar part, you’d see instantly because you’d be able to refer to the (original) chord symbols in the bass part. In Dorico they’re all linked. It was a recipe for disaster.

The team introduced the current behaviour as a temporary fix, but they’ve stipulated that they’re looking to implement something better.

Be careful what you wish for, though! :stuck_out_tongue:

On a related note: Now that I have to select Chord Symbols with a marquee, it would be nice to able to intersect with the marquee and still select. Other Software makes the selection behavior selectable… :wink:


right now selects nothing!

And it would be nice to have a basic align functionality in engrave mode!


When I draw a marquee, it does highlight the chord symbols.

Also when you draw the marquee like I did?

Why would I do that? I just surround the chords I want.

The way I selected them insures that there’s nothing else selected, especially when space is tight. Illustrator selects like this, and in Affinity Designer you can actually choose your preferred way of selection. It’s just something I’m used to, I guess… :slight_smile:


Yeah, but in Dorico it’s quicker to draw a whopping great marquee selection and then go Edit > Filter > Chord Symbols (which is quicker still if you’ve mapped it to a keyboard shortcut, which I have)

Ah, genius! The connection to combine marquee and filtering I hadn’t made yet, sorry… But thanks for the tip! Super!


I am not getting it. I didn’t use Dorico when the chord symbols were automatically included in the selection, but the way it is now is a huge pain. I have a 32 bar section I want to duplicate and move to a new key. I can move the notes OK, but how do you go about including the chords in the selection on such a large section?

Likewise when I go to transpose, if I am not careful I will leave the chords out of the transposition, which seems as bad as any errors that might have happened under the prior scheme.

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Zoom out and draw a big box with the mouse. Bear in mind that you can go into a part layout and do the selection and the pasting there, where 32 bars likely don’t take up much space. The chord symbols will still copy correctly to all instruments that are set to show them.

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If you use the system track to make the selection, the chord symbols will be included.

Good shout Daniel - I haven’t actually had to copy a batch of chord symbols in Dorico 2 (yet!)

Aha. Now it makes more sense. I wasn’t aware of what the system track did. I thought it was simply a counter for measures.

For anybody else who missed this:


I got Dorico Pro 2 yesterday, looking forward to play with the new features!
Thx for your help…:grinning:

Cheers, Benji


I’ve just run into something: I’m trying to manipulate multiple Chord Symbols in Engrave Mode, and they select fine with the Marquee, but the filtering doesn’t seem to work?


Filters work only in Write mode.

Benji, bear in mind that copy and paste won’t work in Engrave mode either :wink: