How to record musical exercises

I have Cubase Elements LE AI 10.5 and am looking for the best way to create 100+ drum beats as exercises. So I can have a click count in of 4, 1 minute of the exercise and a 4 click exit to the exercise.

Any ideas how I can get this done?

I thought about writing all 100 exercses as 100 bars in Cubase, and then choosing 1 at a time and looping it or exporting that loop but not sure if that would do the job.

I haven’t tried to do anything yet as I wanted to get expert opinions as to how it could be done. Or even whether I should use another drum program etc.

Any guidance appreciated, thanks


Didn’t you ask the topic here already?

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ah sorry, I forgot I posted that because the only response I had was to look at the features, which doesnt solve the problem. Or point me in the right direction.

Not exactly sure what ‘job’ you are trying to accomplish. Basically if you have a hundred of these exercises you can 1) put them one after another on a Track (like you describe), 2) create a hundred tracks with one on each Track, 3) some combination of the above.

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Thanks, much appreciated.

Each book has 6 lessons so could do 6 projects for each book. 30-60 tracks for each. But I would need CB Pro for that to get unlimited tracks.

So my next question in…

Do I need a different license dongle to upgrade ffrom elements to Pro or is it the same license.

Many thanks, its become clear now. I just thoght adding oads of tracks wasnt an option but it clearly is with Pro.


Your Cubase Elements license will be upgraded/changed to Cubase Pro. For Cubase Pro, you need the USB-eLicenser.

If you are planning to print these books you’ll need Pro. Only the most rudimentary printing is available in Elements, i.e., no layout editing, fonts, spacing, margins, titles, page numbers etc.

Have you looked at Dorico Elements? Considering this project that would be the program to use.

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Hi, thanks, I havent looked at Dorico.

I was informed through this post some time back, that Cubase Pro could do what I wanted (another project). I actually have all the books written and available as paperbacks : Written Exercises In Score Editor

At present I am just wanting to rre-record the audio demonstrations for the books. No score required.

Ah hah, understood.

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Thanks for the reponse.
Its given me a clear road ahead. ie:

Learn to create one of these exercises on my cubase elements LE, than upgrade to ro when Im ready to go.

Everythings becomeing clear. lol. Not that clear though as I may have been better off with Dorico… further down the line. Cubase pro will get my exercises recorded on single tracks when I upgrade to Pro, so thats going to be my first step.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

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Thanks. I have the USB eLicenser dongle (thingy).

much appreciated.

I’m a violin player, and while Cubase is my sequencer, certain things are more straightforward for me in Dorico when writing some drills and exercises – things like fingerings, and certain string-instrument-specific page elements. Also things like page turns and other typesetting needs are catered for in Dorico, since it’s made for publishing. While for me Cubase is for composing and a million other things.


Ah right I see. So basically Dorico allows you to create exercises and writing in between etc.

Exercises like this: Holland, Jim: The Best Double Bass Drum Book Ever (Book + 2 CDs) - Brandt - Percussion-Noten-Versand

More easily than Cubase?

When you say pulishing, are you speaking of writing/creating a music book in the program (Dorico)

That I don’t know. The Dorico 4 trial came out today, so you can check it out. I do use Cubase mainly. Transcribing, writing charts, arranging, composing, fooling around. It’s like a giant musician’s playpen.

Cubase can do all that’s in the sheet music image you uploaded, no problem. In that other thread @Maestro demonstrated it:


Thanks, I really appreciate the guidance. I will learn the basic process of createing the exercises on a channel through elements then Upgrade to Pro fo unlimited tracks.

Thanks again for your help, and everyone else who put me in the right direction. I needed that, thanks