How to record Reaktor audio indisde Cubase 7

I cannot figure out how to record the audio output of Reaktor 5 to an audio channel in Cubase 7
I mean you have a vsti like reaktor ensembles that sounds indefinetly so you want that audio to be recorded in a stereo audio track while it sounds
How you can do that?

I would create a new group and audio track then route the reaktor output to the group. Finally go to the input of your audio track and select the group. Select the monitor button for the audio track before you start to record…

There may be an easy way to do this but seems to work for me…

Solo the track, and adjust to optimum level, turn off any inserts if you don’t want them, both on the reaktor track and your Main Outs & bounce an Audio mixdown

load an instrument track with reaktor ,record your midi , make this macro and your world is your oyster