How to report a Cubasis 3 problem

Hi fixitmania, thanks for the reply.
I believe you can also freeze an audio track for different purposes, reduce system processing for exemple or in my case for some audio effect tricks.
I just made a test and the problem might be relate to the monitoring button. I will try again later and give a feedback.

Hi Actuel_Virtuel,
You are right, I stand corrected :face_with_peeking_eye: I have just tried it and it does freeze audio, I have only ever used it for freezing midi tracks ie, I tend to only freeze IAA synths that are somewhat unreliable these days, but yes it makes perfect sense to freeze audio to reduce system processing, I must remember this for future.
Thanks for enlightening me :beers:

Yep, you’ve muted the track. Deselect the speaker button icon.

Hi @Actuel_Virtuel,

Please disable monitoring (the blue speaker icon) and it should work fine!
Does this help to resolve the problem?


Yes it work! Thank you Lars

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