How to save Multi-Track Presets?

So I read in the manual that its possible to save Multi-track presets:

I’m trying to save a multi-channel VST instrument track and its associated midi tracks as a single reloadable preset. So for example I’m loading an Vienna Ensemble pro instance, and want its 16 separate midi channels routed to VE Pro to be saved for recall in multiple projects. So I have my instrument track loaded with VE pro & have my midi tracks named (i.e. Vln 1 Legato, Vln 1 Sus, etc) & pointing to the differnet midi channels of this instrument. I select the last midi track, and shift click up to the instrument track, and with everything selected I hit the “save/load preset” button in the inspector & save my preset. I then delete everything, load a new instrument track and load the preset I just saved, but only the instrument track is being reloaded, not any of the midi tracks! What step am I missing?


you can save multi-track presets only for Audio Channels, FX, Groups and MIDI. You cannot do so once one of the track is an Instrument Track.