how to save vst data with project

hey every one.
i’m programming a vst plugin
i would like to know if there is a vst specification to tell the daw to save data in a project
other than the parameters data

thanks in advanced

Current vst settings is always automatically stored within a project

that’s i already know.
i need other data to be saved in the project, not only parameters (settings)

what kind of data in particular?

float/integer/char array variables

anyone ?

If you know how to program a VST plugin this is pretty basic I think.
Why is it important for you to store these data in the .cpr file and not in the particular vst application?
Every parameter that Cubase can tweak on your plugin is stored in the .cpr file, I dont see why you want to add a lot of data here and not in your vst folder.

because this data is per user project

I dont see why you want to add a lot of data here

i explained my problem in details, here

i found the answer on other forum
the solution is to use get/setChunk