How to search a clip in your project by its name?

How do you -fellow Nuendo users- search for a clip in your project by its name?

For instance, I’m working on this project where there is this second night scene.
In the first night scene I used some clips with crickets in order to make it sound like “it’s night time”…
Now, I’d like to find those clips, in order to copy them and paste them in this second night scene…

When I use the -very poor- Pool’s Search function, it returns the clips with the crickets, but I can’t click “Select in Project” because it’s greyed out…Why is this? Or am I doing something wrong again?

Thanks for any advice on this.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Try using PLE. This allows you to select events by name.
PS. Select in Project is greyed out in the Pool if you have not selected anything. There’s a select button next to the search button.

Thanks, I try to use the Pool, and I found out that now and then this “Select in Project”-function becomes available.
Thanks for explaining that’s because I’ve not selected anything in the project…will check this out.

I think the search function of the Pool needs an overhaul because it’s quite useless when you search for “slate 050” (for example), that Nuendo returns all the clips in the search result with the word “slate” and the “word” “050”…and yes; “slate 050” is eventually somewhere in the results-list…but this list can be veeeeeery long…even a junior (like me) knows that.

I wonder how your PLE looks like in this case? And do you have a quick workflow to activate this search-PLE quickly?

Thanks again.
Niek/ Amsterdam

I meant that is because you have not made a selection in the Media list in the Pool.

For PLE: try media type equals audio, container type equals event, name equals [the name of the event(s) you are seeking to select] and activate ‘select’ in the function field.

For the Junior Juniors present, what is PLE? “Please Listen Extensively”?

Project Logical Editor.

Thanks stingray,
Do you think that the PLE’s search engine returns different results than the Pools’ search engine?
For instance; when I search for “SLATE 050” in the Pool, it returns all the clips with the words “SLATE” an “050” in it. And in my project that’s hundreds of them, and therefore useless for a search.

Does PLE return different results?
I can test it easily myself of course, but maybe you’ve got the experience already?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hi Niekbeem, the Project Logical Editor has ‘equals’ and ‘contains’ conditions and so can be more selective.

Thank you!

The Project Logical Editor has ‘equals’ and ‘contains’ conditions and so can be more selective.

Thanks! I’m trying to figure it out and I hope I can use it in my workflow as (another) workaround…

I think it’s silly that a user needs a workaround/many workarounds in order to find “what he is looking for” and not “what he is not looking for”, so I’ve put this thread in (other words) in the “Feature Requests and Suggestions”-section…
We know that Steinberg watches this forum too, now let’s hope someone really cares…

Niek/ Amsterdam

Big projects here and I also use the great PLE in Nuendo for this.
Advantage of PLE is that you can also search for colors or color names e.g. This is very practical and unique…
With a shortcut I can open/hide Project Logical Editor, stays open. I have a preset for such search tasks.
type in the desired name, click apply - done.
super fast workflow… without the use or open of the pool window.
See this GIF Video:

Yes exactly, those are the PLE settings I was talking about (see above).