Please re-implement Nuendo's Pools' Search Engine?

As stated in the title, I’d love to see a more modern Search engine in Nuendo’s Pool.
I think the search function of the Pool needs an overhaul because when you search for “slate 050” (for example), Nuendo returns all the clips in the search result with the word “slate” and the word “050”…and yes; “slate 050” is eventually somewhere in the results-list…but this list can be veeeeeery long…which makes the search function useless.
Of course, there are workarounds. In this thread:
a fellow-Nuendo-user uses the PLE, but my opinion is that the Pool is the heart of a project in Nuendo, and must therefore be waterproof in this regard.

Niek/ Amsterdam

This isn’t limited to just the “pool” but also Media Bay. I barked up this tree for years, trust me.

When searching for sound effects - or media in general actually - it would be much better if a Boolean Search was executed for example, which I guess is what you’re saying. “slate 050” would exactly that, and nothing else. +slate 050 would have to contain slate and could contain 050. +slate 050 -051 would have to contain slate, could contain 050, can_not_ contain 051…

…and so on.

Huge +1 from me.

Yes, such a kind of search engine (Boolean search) is what Nuendo definitely needs I think, though; I prefer it laid out in a “more modern” way instead of having to know which “formulas” you need in order to get the expected search results.
If Steinberg implements a Boolen search the-old-way though, I’ll guarantee it a very warm welcome.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

i was complaining about that too years ago… then i managed to do it with media bay filters.
and since now you have the search bar and the logical filters below (wich avoids loosing your filters each time you would switch in nuendo8)… isn’t it pretty much the same as boolean search with matches / matches word and contain ?
i always have my search keywords on the top lane… then i have 6 filters that i always use. first ones are name / matches words then description, comment / matches words etc and then one is : description + name + comment / omits :
if my result is too long i start to fill the “omits” filter. normally with this i find what i want easilly. and since i need to search by sample size sometime (looking for 96 for sound design) or 48 for basic sound editing i usually use those filters anyway.

the good thing is that now this filter is filled with keywords i really don’t use for this search and usually there’s lot of chance i will still need these “omits” on my next research.
… true it would not bother me to be able to type boolean search directly in the search bar…

I haven’t done it that way Sylvain but maybe I’ll try next time. To me it just seems like an somewhat unnecessary omission to me. The benefit of typing it is that we’re already in the field where we type in names etc so adding the characters to tweak the search is really fast and the fingers can stay on the keyboard. And it’s “generic” across many applications, so once learned it ports over to other situations.

To me it just seems like an somewhat unnecessary omission to me

I 'm very sceptical about the fact that there are so many features in Nuendo which need an update, are incomplete or do not work as expected (new users: beware!), but from this search engine I really can’t see why Steinberg didn’t act upon all the cries you and other Nuendo-users cried for years…The Pool and MediaBay are Nuendo’s core, this should be THE place to go for an extensive search…and the results it returns should be waterproof…

Steinberg, please overthink a serious overhaul of Nuendo’s search engine.
It wouldn’t hurt to listen to your this juniors’ opinions. :smiley:

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I would like to have > the Pool in the Right Zone !
Or in Media Bay F5 Window.
With new extended search options, like Niek mentioned.


erm… you exaggerate a bit. :laughing:

In Nuendo we have so many wonderful functions which I miss in other daws like Pro Tools e.g.
I’ve worked with PT for many years. In Nuendo there are always solutions for most things. And more great Nuendo only features in comparison. You know that.
You should familiarize yourself a little more with Nuendo´s workflow.

I share your feature request!