How To Select Midi IN Channel? (Not MIDI Channel)

for example with VEP you have 8 MIDI INs and then 16 channels per MIDI In, but I don’t see how you can change which MIDI IN you select from the drop down on midi tracks

You do it from the inspector in the left zone. Click on All Midi Inputs and change it to something else.

Sorry not MIDI IN as in the Midi Input, i realize that’s confusing if you’re not using Vienna Ensemble because they call the Midi Ports “MIDI IN”

How do I change the Midi Port?

Midi out, selecting a multitimbral instrument is midi out. It’s a destination, In the inspector port + ch

i go to the inspector and i have the output to the rack instrument (VEP) and then below that is only channel options

Lets separate audio and MIDI discussion, it seems you are looking at both at the same.

For MIDI you have two ways to do it, but we’ll just use the VEP Instrument. When you load that, it will let you select which instance in VEP Server you want to connect to. So go ahead and connect to an instance in VEP Server.

By default you have MIDI Channel 1 being sent to Instance MIDI Channel 1 on the Cubase Instrument Track.

Now create a new MIDI track in Cubase. For MIDI Output, select the instance name of VEP Rack Instance (this is not necessarily the name of the instance in VEP, it is the name you gave the Instrument in Cubase). And set the channel of the MIDI track to channel two.

Rinse repeat for channels 3 thru 16…

yes i know how to select a midi channel… no i’m not confusing audio and midi.

VEP allows 8 midi ports with 16 channels each. i don’t see where to change the midi PORT in the inspector. in PT and Live this is a very visible and easily accessible drop-down menu.

Ah, gotcha let me do a screenshot. The number of Ports in your VEP settings will show up in your MIDI Output list.

Each MIDI Port 1 thru 4 (I set it to 4 as I only have 2 instances that use all 4) points to one Rack Instance of VEP.

awesome so how do i set that up? because mine just shows one that says “01. Vienna Ensemble Pro x64 - MIDI In”

Then you only have one port enabled in the VEP Server. Go to the preferences in VEP Server and set it to more ports.

oh, something else occured to me … Do you have an instance with instruments loaded in VEP? And did you connect the VEP plugin in Cubase to it? Because that is a default name for unconnected state.

i have it set to 8! haha

sorry this is my second day trying out cubase, but this is so much simpler in PT and Live…

I do it in PT and is harder to me lol … It’s ultra simple in Cubase IMO in comparison.

So did you connect the VEP plugin to an instance in VEP Server? If so, the midi channels just show up.

i mean for PT you literally just go to the drop down and select the port then the channel, couldn’t be simpler.

here’s what i did as instructed by some videos and Paul from VSL

I created a Rack instrument for VEP then let it create the routed midi, and then i made a few more midi channels and routed them to the rack instrument.

Yes, the VEP plugin is connected to an instance of VEP through the server, and it has a few VI channels loaded up.

The channels show up, but it’s the ports that don’t, and I see no way to select them like in yours.

I don’t know dude, there is no configuration required. If you are connected then the ports show up.
The order should be …
Create Instance in VEP Server
Load VSTi into instance and configure in VEP Server
Load Instrument or Rack VEP VSTi in Cubase
Connect VEP Plugin to VEP Server Instance
—MIDI Ports should now be available based on preference set in VEP Server. Not sure why it’s not showing for you. It’s that simple.

Actually it’s the crazy audio bussing and crappy MIDI to audio sync that drives me nuts in PT using VEP. This part is virtually identical

i honestly feel like an idiot that this isn’t working, i’ve never sat down at a DAW and had problems getting something so simple to work. it should be doing exactly what you’re saying but it’s not.

i can’t even figure out how to delete the second rack of VEP i just made in cubase.

Don’t feel stupid, it’s always tough moving between DAWs.
Hey do me a favor … open the plugin in Cubase and click the settings box.

What do you see?