How to send audio to zoom?

I’m using nuendo and I’ve tried using voice meter it doesn’t work I’ve tried following this video
didn’t work

any help would be very appreciated I’m having a zoom meeting tomorrow and I need share my audio
I got no response before sorry for reposting it

I’m on Windows and using a RME Fireface UFX+ interface and RMEs TotalMixFX software to route audio. Just route your signals you want to send to zoom (main out Nuendo, Talkback, etc…) to a bus, which then is selected as your input device in Windows sound preferences. Zoom, Skype, Slack, etc… are using the standard Windows input here on my machine. Easy as that. Should work similar with every other audio interface.

You can also create different outputs directly in Nuendo and work for e.g. with direct routing to route your signals to a specific bus on your audio interface. Then choose this bus as the input source in zoom.

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Thanks I’ll try that when I get home is the software free and Any link to download it

you dont need any extra software…
just route your audio in Nuendo to any bus which then is selected as sound input device in Windows

Ok I’ll try and figure it out I’m still pretty new to nuendo.
I’ll have ago at setting up a buss and send that to zoom

  1. add a new output bus in Nuendo
  2. connect the bus to a port on your audio interface (in my case it is the AES bus of my Fireface UFX+)
  3. route all the audio signals you want to hear in zoom to this bus. In this case via the direct routing option in Nuendo.
  4. select the bus as input source in the Windows sound preferences.

of course the interface has to support this
not all interfaces allow the use of an output bus as input

I have behringer umc1820

I don’t think that it allows this…
best solution would be to use a small mixer,
or some cables feeding an output back to an input


I have a mixer

Where is that other thread? I recall seeing some images in it or a link to that video. I use Voicemeeter and it works for me with a MOTU 16A. I have to switch the driver in Nuendo to VM unfortunately but at least that way I can get everything going in Zoom using a virtual cable.

The above screencaps are a bit “old”, and I think that one problem I ran into occasionally was that I wouldn’t get audio out of Nuendo if I had a VM output selected twice - in my case in Control Room and in the Outputs tab. So I picked one or the other and then it worked.

(Not all of the added red lines are applicable to your case, just to mine)

Just use the Cue sends to send audio to Zoom, and pull the Zoom back in trough an input channel on which you enable the monitoring button.
That way, the client can speak to everyone, you can send whatever you want, including talkback to the client.


Is that it

The way I get WDM apps connected to ASIO hosts and vice verse:

Give Academy - ODeus ASIO Link Pro - Patcher

It’s free now. Powerful, stable, amazing ASIO backend.

Processing: 16396058902803132011739603144410.jpg… I’ve got audio in from nuendo to vb but I can not here audio from vb to zoom

I have downloaded it how do u set it up

It’s all confusing to me and I don’t seem to get this thing to work maybe I’m missing a step

Get it installed properly. Here’s a video on that process:
ASIO Link Pro Tool in 2021 - YouTube

Run ASIO Link Pro.

Have a look at this thread.

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P.S. They’re not exactly obvious, but Docs do install with ASIO Link Pro.
Tap your Windows Start Icon, look under A for ASIO Link Pro, the PDF is there.

For reference, it’s kept in:
“%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files (x86)\ASIOLinkPro”

I’ll try that tomorrow