how to set audio editing to non-destructive ?

how do i set audio in cubase to non-destrucitve editing ?
or so if i copy and audio part and edit that part, only that part gets edited, not all the ones of that copy, without selecting “convert to real copy” everytime ?

its very inconveneint when doing alot of time stretching especially when stretching one audio clip and it stretch the following clips after the stretched clip

hello. anyone ?

Yep, if you have a large file with different portions treated differently, you will end up with several versions of this large file, which can get ridiculous and hog resources unnecessarily. All audio editing is non-destructive; what you’re trying to do is isolate the bit you’re working on.

I think you are already doing it (almost) the right way. I always Bounce(*) events prior to time-stretch or treating with VariAudio. In the latter case, failing to it this way will risk grinding your system to a halt because of all the unnecessary VA data you’re holding. I don’t usually do this for treating with effects but I imagine the same would apply.

Doing it this way - bouncing just the bit you want to affect - also makes it easier to tweak your changes and roll them back. In theory, anyway…

(*) I’ve always used Bounce for audio, set to the Key Command Ctrl-Alt-B to avoid it becoming a pain to do. I see that ‘Convert to real copy’ is similar but creates a file numbered (2), which Bounce doesn’t. At first sight, it seems that ‘Ctrc’ creates a copy of the whole file, whereas Bounce creates a copy of just the bit you select.

Hope this makes as much sense as it seems to at the time of writing :sunglasses:


If you haven’t used the method described in that link to create real rather than shared copies, you can just use the function “convert to real copy” before processing a specific event.

i guess ill need to write a key command for “convert to real copy”. seems like its the only way to do it besides bouncing yea ?