How to set left and right locators in Cubase AI5

dear all…newbie here :slight_smile:

Bought a YAMAHA MOX6 a week ago and using the bundled Cubase AI5. I did record some audio tracks into cubase, but i have an issue with regard to exporting .Wav file. When i click ‘Export’, it asks me to set left and right locators.
Kindly help me to understand what are ‘LOCATORS’ and how to 'SET LEFT AND RIGHT LOCATORS"…

Well, it is explained in the manual as it’s fundamental to the operation of Cubase!!!

But, select the part or parts that you want the locators set around, press P on the keyboard, this will set the L and R locator around the selected parts.

You will now notice the locators and understand what they are. If you move your mouse pointer up to the timeline you can click and set them there. Or you can set the left locator, in the same little area of the timeline, by holding Ctrl Click, and the right locator by holding Alt Click.

If you put them the wrong way round R/L the bit between them turn red, when the correct way round L/R it’s blue.

Do read at least the getting started manual, just a little bit :laughing:

pianist: Locators - click here

Reversed Locators - click here

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Split and halljack… guys, thank u very much for the reply…

You bet pianist— glad to have helped-- and keep reading that Manual :wink:

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