How to show Note Name/# on Piano roll


I have seen on some people’s videos that you can have Cubase show the name of a note on top of its box in the piano roll. How does one do this?

It’s just that you have to zoom in vertically a sufficient amount, for the note names to show :wink:.

Doesnt seem to be working. Might be doing something weird? Just to clarify, I am attempting to get the names on the midi box, not the keyboard roll.

By “box”, you mean the “oblongs” that represent the note?
If you don’t see the names when you zoom in, then I suspect you have the Note Expression mode activated (the icon in the extended toolbar looks like two triangles facing away from each other)

Unfortunately Note expression is deactivated. When you are talking about zoom, do you mean the ctrl+mousewheel zoom?

No, that’s horizontal zoom. Vic means vertical zoom - use the vertical slider in the lower right of the window. If the height for each lane of the piano roll is too small there isn’t enough room for the text to fit. So you need to zoom in so the lane is large enough to display the text.

I adjusted the vertical slider, and the name of the note did not show up.

You mean, here? :confused:
Vertical Zoom.gif

Hey Vic, how did you get it to show midi note numbers in addition to the note name? I looked through Preferences and didn’t see anything.

You have to press very hard on the vertical zoom :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding :wink: ).
It used to be a lot easier to find, but now it is hidden away in, of all places ( :wink: ),… Preferences>Event Display>Chords (yes, “Chords”!)>Naming Format.

Well at least it wasn’t under metering. :unamused:

I adjusted the vertical zoom to ludicrous proportions and it still is not showing. Is there a preference option that may not be selected?

Like I wrote earlier…

(the icon in the extended toolbar looks like two triangles facing away from each other)

I meant this
Note Expression.jpg

Is there any way to get the note names on the KEYBOARD ROLL on the key editor?.. e.g. c1,d1,e1 etc; all of them, not only the C’s…
I’m not a piano player and having additional references when drawing midi blocks would be very useful… for me…


No, only on the notes themselves.

I’ll have to live with that :wink: Thanks for your reply