How to transfer Cubasis 2 in-app purchases to Cubasis 3

I have the opposite problem…
Initially bought CB3 and did the in app purchase in CB3.
Later I decided also to buy CB2 since it is more stable and will allow bigger projects but i cant transfer IAP from CB3 to CB2… is there a solution?

Greetings Lars. I also have problem transferring IAPs I made in Cubasis 2 to Cubasis LE 3. Could you kindly help? Thanks!

Hello, I have a some problem which was described here before, Cubasis 2 on old iPad (iOS 12) where I did some IAP and now I buyed Cubasis 3 on my iPhone SE 2020, but cant get my purchurases on iPhone. I tryed every step which I found here no luck. Logi in/log out in appstore on both devices, opened IAP on 2.3.2 Cubasis 2 and 3.1.3 Cubasis 3, turn iCloud on both devices and still no IAP transfer to new Cubasis 3.
In My Steinberg it shows I have both Cubasis regulárne not the LE ones, but no way to transfer it.
Dont want to speed money again and buy IAP again on new Cubasis. Can someone explain me exactly step by step how to get it work? Many thanks

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Hello All, I have followed all advice in this thread to transfer IAPs from Cubasis 2 to 3 with no success. 2 is on an IPad Air and 3 is on an IPhone 6s+. Both are running the same Apple ID and iCloud account but I get a message saying no purchases on this account. I have 2 open and running on the iPad while trying to restore on 3.

Any ideas Steinberg?

Thank you

Hi 4bar,

Firstly, you have to transfer your previous in-app purchases from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3 on your iPad, as described in this article.
Once done, here are the steps to sync your purchase with the iPhone:

Normally, Cubasis in-app purchases should automatically be synced between your iPhone and iPad devices.
If you encounter issues, please have a look at the following steps:

  1. Under “iTunes & App Store” you log in for purchases
  2. At the top of the list you log in with your Apple ID for iCloud sync

Make sure that you are logged in at both places with the same Apple ID on both iPad and iPhone. Also make sure that in (2), “iCloud” is enabled.
Cubasis 3 uses iCloud to sync your list of purchases across all your devices. Hence, iCloud must be enabled with the same Apple ID.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Hello Lars, thanks for the reply. So, in order to transfer purchases, I need to buy a new iPad that will run ios13? I am not going to do this as Cubasis 2 runs fine on my ancient iPad Air for what I do with it. I have Cubase 10 Pro for serious work.

Disappointed but I will wait and see if anything changes in the future.



Just made it, despite on already having Full Feature Set bought previously to update LE2 to full V2 and LE3 to full V3 Cubasis.
Just uninstalled both apps and installed LE2 first, bought FX2 and Wave PlugIns bundle, installed LE3 and run in to open LE2 app SHOP without restoring any purchases (just after installing LE3) AND Transfer button appears in LE2. Press it and LE3 was started and after few sec it said 2 purchases was restored. And I added Classic machines same way, still without restoring Full Feature Set all addons are bought shown in LE3 and FFSet also.
Thanks to Line6 Sonic Port and support articles! Saved some buk on BFday LE2 & LE3 FFSet upgrade.

Since my first post under Black Friday moderation will share my success again:
Well done me: I’ve fid it, brought all IAP of Cubasis LE2 and transferred then to LE3 (despite on having already FullFeatureSet on both LE upgraded to full version)
May need to said: transfer instructions totally inverted from official (from le3tole2). Guy who wrote instructions didn’t risk his own $ and didn’t transfer IAPs
Procedure simple. Have Both LE2+LE3apps installed on one Apple device. LE2 must have in it’s shop area those IAPs you wanted to transfer. Yes you need to have device attached (line6 sonicport in my case) to shift LE2 from demo to LE2 functionality to buy IAPs.
Transfer will be done locally from app to app. Simply press button Cart(Shop) in LE2 and you will see Transfer button in proposal to run Cubasis3 Shop area and pictures below will show two apps installed, you have possibility to share IAPs with LE3.
After pressing Transfer LE3 will popup and tell you about amount features that was transferred.
Now you can go further and in LE3 press Restore Purchases to download from Apple clowd FullFeatureSet and make LE3 to full ver.3
Therefore you need to buy IAPs Only once in LE2 to share it with LE3 and full v.3 then.
That’s all folks.
Peace ! Putn huylo )

Hi Jay,

Sorry, but Cubasis requires iOS 13 as a minimum!

& stay well,

What if I was running Cubasis 2 on my iPad, now I don’t have iPad anymore, just my iPhone. I just bought Cubasis 3 and installed on my iPhone, but can’t restore my in app purchases from Cubasis 2… I had purchased all of the in apps in Cubasis 2. Is it because I no longer have Cubasis 2 installed and running? Do I have to purchase those again on my iPhone in Cubasis 3??



…ok then, no answer, I guess I have to repurchase. Ugh…

I just went to purchase again, and now the sale ended!! Ugh! Never mind that idea!

Hi desertpeaks,

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Thanks Lars! PM received.

Hi, I just upgraded to Cubasis LE3 because it said that it has "all the functionality of Cubasis 3?..

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case as none of my IAPs for Cubasis 2 transfer into Cubasis LE3

Is there a workaround for this?


Hi mixbay,

Thank you for your message.

As clearly stated on the Cubasis LE website, Cubasis LE 3 allows to freely transfer existing instrument and effect plug-in purchases from Cubasis LE 2 to Cubasis LE 3.

Please check my private message.

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Cubase 2, buy on old IPad Air (ios 12).
Cubase 3, buy on IPhone (ios 14).
How transfer in-app from Cubase 2?

Solution in this topic I did not understand…

I just bought the full upgrade for Cubasis 3 Le and not able to transfer IAPs I bought for Cubasis 2. I’ve searched all the posts and followed the instructions to transfer but don’t see any options to do so. Is it possible to transfer purchases from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3 Le? Or do I have to buy the effects again?