How to trash preferences ?

well// after hundreds posts of reading about trashing preferences for solving some issues, i want trashing C7 preferences…
and now its the dumb question !
what should i delete(or move) ? in windows 7 i’m in C:users->“username”-> AppData-> Roaming->steinberg->cubase7_64

and i can’t find any folder or file named preferences, only in preset folder are the preferences i saved… should i trash them or its other file/folder i should trash ?

Don’t do it! :wink:

Depending on whats going on, you probably only need to trash Defaults.xml and Presets/RAMpresets.xml

What’s making you want to trash prefs?

Also, you know about safe mode? Hold down control-alt-shift while Cubase launches.

it seems everyone did trashing/… i feel like trashing virgin .have to try it :laughing:

now seriously, i red somewhere that if having older ver of cubase its preferences could cause C7 work not at optimal.
for me i think cpu spiking is one of them(not occasionally but some times) and also i have a laptop with i7 cpu and i feel it could be more powerful with cubase… (Asio reaches max too fast compare to cpu meter in task manager and generally seems weak with cubase)probably it won’t solve it but maybe ?
( i made all tweaking i could to win7)
i know cubase won’t take full advantage of i7 but still i think it can perform better!

Just drag that whole folder (Cubase 7-64) to the desktop. Cubase will rebuild everything. If you don’t like the result drag the desktop folder back.

Well, just know that while it might make you a sexy and worldly guy, your saved key commands presets, project templates and anything else you change from the default are in that folder.

thanks guys…
sure i move that folder to other location to have it if something goes wrong, saved my key commands and preferences (in cubase itself) and i see them in presets folder, so it should be safe. also i uninstalled C5 and C6 and still their preferences are exist so i move them too to other location.

Now you are a man, my son. :laughing:

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now i want trashing protools sonar studio one… but cubase always be my first love