''Click'' Sound missing. No 'Click'' column in Studio>Audio Connections>Outputs tab. Cubase 9.5.10

I’ve been trying to find a solution to my click disappearing in only one project.
I open any other project and the click works with the settings I set it up in on the one where it doesn’t work.
In a previous version of Cubase (Elements 8,5) I had the same problem and all I had to do was go to Studio>Audio Connections> Outputs tab there was a column called ‘‘Click’’. I just had to click in that column next to the Audio Outs 1 and 2 to enable it. That was it. It seems that this function does not exist anymore.

I found the solution back then on YouTube here…

I have recently upgraded to Cubase Pro 9.5.10

My RME Driver is up to date.

The Syncrosoft eLicenser is up to date.

I Trashed the Preferences file as suggested here…

and here…

I registered Cubase Pro 9.5.10 again after that and it is still the same.
All my other Audio outs are working correctly but for some reason my Click sound has disappeared and the column to activate it again is missing.
Really frustrating.

Can anyone offer some assistance please.

Kind regards,

Hi gejone,

I had the same issue and i found a solution for me at least. It may help you as well.
At first open the metronome settings and on the main tab look for the “use audio-click” to be checked.
Now check if you can see that drop down menu like on my screen shot.
If you do, just open the drop down menu and check the output you want to hear the click sound at, mostly it will be your master stereo out.
If that drop down menu is missing you have to go the “audio connections” menu (F4) go to the “outputs” tab and add a new output bus which is routed to your main stereo out. Now go to the click settings again and check if you can see the drop down menu I mentioned. If you do just click it and make sure that u checked at least one output bus.
It should look like this.
I hope it helps you as well.

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Your reply is greatly appreciated…thank you.

I’ve tried both of those work around’s.

They do not exist in my version which should be the same as everyone else’s.

I think something went wrong with the upgrade to be perfectly honest. I’ve Uninstalled Cubase PRO 9.5.10 and Installed it again and still no joy.

The ‘‘Select Audio Click Outputs’’ drop down menu in the Metronome Setup>General Tab does not exist in mine, here…

However…it exists in the Manual…here…

I’ve updated the original message and added pictures of my Studio>Audio Connections>Outputs tab that doesn’t show the ''Click column and also added the screen shot of the picture in the Manual clearly showing that it should be there.

I’m stumped. I even had a reply back from Greg Ondo who does the Cubase Hangout on YouTube once a week and he suggested the same thing as you. After replying to him I still haven’t heard back.
I can’t do any of the suggestions because they simply don’t exist in my version of Cubase.

I’m going to take half a day off work on Thursday and call Steinberg Support in Germany (How much is that going to cost! I’ve already spent all my dosh on the upgrade…we don’t earn enough up in North Wales to be doing all this…it’s crazy how I can’t get a reply from the ‘‘World Class Support’’ Cubase bangs on about!!)
I don’t mean to sound off towards any of the staff…I’m really stuck here and have been trying everything since before December 25th 2017 so please forgive me if I sound like I’m moaning.

Kind regards,

Yeah, my version is like yours, as well, gejone. But there isn’t anything too tricky about setting up the metronome in my version so follow these instructions. Oh, first off, AS YOU NOTICE you will not see the ‘click’ area in the output section that you refer too anymore, it’s gone. Instead what you seek is located at the bottom right side of the Project window, beneath the CR panel/Master section. If your Project widow opens in a manner TOO LARGE for your screen, you will have to adjust things until you can see the bottom of the Project window.

OK, see my pic and notice the TWO METRONOME icons in the lower right hand corner? So click on the upper icon first, this will turn the white metronome icon BLUE. Then click on the lower metronome icon that is gray when the metronome is off and white when it is on, this engages the metronome and is also controlled by the ‘c’ key on your keyboard like from Cubase of old. (If you click on the adjacent tab, you will see the window you have already pictured, btw, the Metronome Setup window.

Just remember the Blue icon must be Blue or you wont hear the click. Also remember you need to have a channel in your project to hear the metronome - it won’t make any sound if there are no channels in the project

Thank you mr.roos
Truly grateful for your time and input.

I can’t understand why the click is missing if I don’t want to use the Control Room in my projects.
It’s pointless in a home studio making electronic music.

My problem started half way through a mammoth 12 hour session.
I decided to check out what Control Room was all about.
Engaged it and routed my Audio 1 and 2 out by setting up a Bus as usual.
I found the whole thing a little pointless to be honest because I control my In’s and Out’s with the RME Babyface Pro Hardware Interfacew using RME TotalMix Fx software which runs off the RME BabyFace Pro. It’s far easier than controlling everything with a mouse in Cubase Control Room.
So…I Disengaged Control Room and rerouted my audio outs 1 & 2 back to Studio> Audio Connections>Outputs and activated them.

Herein lies the problem…

For some reason the click is now missing in this project.
Even if I leave the ‘‘Click’’ icon in the Control Room on (Blue) before Disengaging Control Room and rerouting the audio back to where it was before Engaging Control Room.

Activating the lower right Count In Click and the one next to it on the Left by pressing ‘‘C’’ or the numerical key pad ‘‘9’’; there is no sound present for the click and no other way to engage it other than Engaging Control Room again.
The only way to hear a click in this project now is to activate Control Room…why?
Surely it should be audible no matter what the setup.
I’m in a little home setup so no need for all the fancy Control room extra Headphone Mixes…Sends…Bus this and Bus that…
All I have is 4 Ins and 4 Outs.
Just two mics, Mono 1 & 2 and an Instrument Stereo In 3 & 4 for my External Synth.
Speakers out on 1 & 2 and headphones out on 3 & 4 which are all controlled with the RME hardware and Software.

My question is…why is the Manual saying and showing one thing and the program doing something completely different?

I have loads of Audio Recorded using the External Synth and the Project has crashed a few times when going to VariAudio and engaging ‘‘Segments’’.

I’m not at all confident in Cubase Pro 9.5.10 at the moment because of this.
I just want to work without the Control Room engaged so I can keep things simple.
It’s pointless without a ‘‘Click’’ and I don’t see why i have to go back and activate Control room every time just so I can hear the click in this project.
It’s just nuts!

Hi gejone,

I think I can solve this for you, as I could reproduce this issue. There is no need for the control room to fix this.
Open the audio connections menu (F4) and go to the outputs tab and now add a new stereo bus, use the “Add Bus” button or do a right click and then “add bus” . U must not use the Presets here!
After adding a new output bus go to the click settings and you should see the drop down menu now.
All u have to do now is to check one or more output busses from the drop down menu and your click is back.




And by the way, forget about the “Click column” in the audio connections :wink: . I am not sure since which version they removed it but its gone.

kind regards

Hm, interesting whoranzone. That does seem like it would work for the OP. And addressing his issue with the CR, I understand why you don’t see it as necessary. However you don’t need to use the headphone mix setup or anything special beyond what the CR is. I don’t, but instead route to an external headphone amp via my 16 out mixer. I do think that that the CR is useful for basic mixing, offering mono/stereo listens, VST instrument control panel, metering, and more. I am not a keyboard guy but I think the VST control panel alone (that is within the CR panel) would be a plus for what you are doing? I used to think exactly like you about this feature but then I hung with it for a while and it has been a plus. It’s your call, of course.

As to trying various revisits to a mix that did at one time have a click and then did not, I would suggest you visit the actual click sound setup window. In my case when I first downloaded 9.5, I was convinced that I didn’t have enough click volume to drive the headphones for a drummer - not like I did with 6.5. However I then found that there are actually TWO volume controls for the click sounds. The obvious one presents a range of 100%, but there is another one prior to this that is preset at 50%. By raising this to 100% I was able to adjust the original ‘obvious’ volume control to taste. Not to confuse the issue, but in the click setup window you can sample/listen to your click sounds - go there and confirm that you actually have sounds to deal with and that they are set at a usable volume. I’m suggesting something else has gone wrong.

Same problem here :

  • no more click column in output tab of the Audio Connections
  • no drop down menu in the metronome setup when there is only one output

Now why the heck didn’t I think of that.

Just replicated your steps and voila…!!! IT WORKS!!! HOOORAY!!!

Massive smile on my face. :slight_smile:
My life is complete again.
You’re a Genius. :sunglasses:
Thank you so much. Phew! So I’m not mad after all. Wahahahaha!

Kind regards and massive respect for your time and effort actually replicating my scenario.
Truly Grateful. :slight_smile:

Try what Whoranzone suggested…it worked for me.

‘‘Open the audio connections menu (F4) and go to the outputs tab and now add a new stereo bus, use the “Add Bus” button or do a right click and then “add bus” . U must not use the Presets here!
After adding a new output bus go to the click settings and you should see the drop down menu now.
All u have to do now is to check one or more output busses from the drop down menu and your click is back.’’

It seems that the drop down menu will only appear if you have at least two Output Busses set up in Studio>Audio Connections>Outputs tab as you have pointed out…not sure why but at least it has solved my question in the first post and I can carry on with my project.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

Cheers for your reply.

I take on board all that you have said and thank you kindly for your time.
I can do all that the CR can do with the BabyFace Pro…mono/stereo listens and metering included.
my issue wasn’t with Control Room at all…it seemed that it was the cause of the concern initially…my click disappearing in that project only. Whoranzone’s fix worked for me and the drop down menu is visible now in the Metronome Setup…only when I have two Output Busses set up in Studio>Audio Connections>Outputs tab.I’m happy my click is back and that’s all that matters right now.
Thank you again for your input.
Much appreciated.
Kind regards,

Gareth / gejone,
Thank you, I already knew this workaround. IMHO the developers did somesthing wrong : it worked fine before the new metronome setup. The click column was very easy to manage for someone who did not want to use the Control Room.
Still waiting for 9.5.20 :slight_smile:

No worries.
I agree.
Roll on 9.5.20

Thank you “Whoranzone”. This helped me out. Nice! :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Just an interesting observation for enabling and routing click sounds (CB Pro 9.5.30)…
I wonder why some users still have the “Click” column in the “Audio Connections>Outputs” tab and others, like me, don’t? This was brought to attention during a somewhat related discussion in the “Older Cubase Versions” section:

Based on that discussion, users have a drop down available in the “Metronome Setup>General” tab. Also, some may have a “click” column in the “Audio Connections>Outputs” tab and some users may have both.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hmm…very interesting. I’ll check that out as soon as I am back in the studio.

Hi all and thanks to “Whoramzone”, got my click back in Pro 10.5.

Great news.

Anyone know why I cant record the click in Cubase (default click) to an Audio file (wave format)?

I use Cubase 10 Pro and the Control Room (no Outputs) for my speakers. I can hear the click in the speakers but its not going to the wave file I’m exporting it to. So there’s no sound in that wave file… Weird? I can clearly hear it in my speakers!? Whats up with this weirdness?

Regards from Robin Gardner

Instant solution to a very simple problem, thank you!