How to uninstall Cubase on MacOSX

Seeing as there is no documentation on this subject in the manuals, I’ll ask it here.

What is the correct procedure for uninstalling Cubase on MacOSX 10.6.8?

Using AppZapper only deleted the app and two plist files from the system but leaves, at least, the two Application Support folders intact. This is no good if I am trying to perform a clean instal. I want all the cruft removed so I can be sure new and uncorrupted files are being used.

Any ideas?

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Thanks much for the links @Makumbaria. Come to rely on the forums so much for answers I always forget the
kb is there

Aloha guys,

Since some Mac users are not comfortable with using the ‘Terminal’,
wondering here if there is an app/programme that can do all this?


I find AppCleaner to be very reliable. It shows a list of what it’s going to delete, so you can uncheck anything you want to keep.