How to upgrade from Cubase Elements 8 to Cubase 12 Artist

I just purchased the Cubase Artist 12 Upgrade from Cubase Elements 8 and I can’t upgrade my Soft-ELicencer.
Everywhere I’m reading at the moment is saying that you need to buy a dongle, but then they are removing dongles for this software going forward. Why is there no way to upgrade your Soft-ELicencer when the software doesn’t require a dongle anymore?
I feel like having to go out and buy an 80$ dongle isn’t fair on top of the upgrade and that in the terms and conditions of upgrading from a previous version they were not transparent in the requirement for having a dongle.

Did you try entering the number into the download manager first.

Yes I did that was the direct route it took me
Steinberg Download Manager < Enter download Access Code < Entered the code emailed to me < Licence Activation < Upgrade
Then I get this:
Not sure why it says Artist 11 when it should be 12.

When I upgraded mine said non upgradable too. Continue through the process and open up the new Steinberg activation manager. It may take you through a process in there but first step hit continue.

When I press continue that is when it takes me to the original screenshot meaning I can’t upgrade the Soft-Elicencer as I don’t have a dongle and never needed one.

If you don’t have the activation manager installed, install that first. I sent you the link to the page. It’s required for all cubase 12 applications.

That was installed with the download manager.
This is what it shows me:

Install artist if you haven’t installed it already and open it it should connect to the activation manager and bring everything together

The program opens but it doesn’t change the verification status, nor the activation status

Are you able to use the program

Yes, the program seems to be open… Does that mean the upgrade was successful?

Yes it’s all set now you got cubase 12. Steinberg still working on stuff for the licensing system but it will not appear on the elicensor anymore. Icon should be a blue cubase sign for 12 and should come with some extra stuff like the fx modulator and verve piano. Verve piano didn’t show up You’re going to have to reinstall helion SE

Legend mate! Cheers!

Rock on!

Solved issue