How useful is the CC121 with latest Cubase Pro 12.0.70 and Win 10?

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I am asking this here in the Cubase forum, not in the one dedicated to CC121, since I don’t even have a cc121.

I have a pretty good workflow with mouse and standard keyboard shortcuts. Lately, I have started using IC Pro, for even more options. What obvious benefits - except for tactility - would a CC121 bring me today?

I am on Win 10. My projects consist of audio only, recorded externally using dedicated digital recorders (not Cubase or a computer).

What benefits would the jog wheel on the CC121 bring when editing audio files?

I am hesitating about getting a CC121 mainly since my current workflow is very good, and I hate any instabilities that may be introduced through adding a device like the CC121.

Any input from current and former CC121 users would be most welcome, especially if you are on a Win 10 system.




The main benefit is, CC121 is hardware. So you don’t have to look at the other screen. Just by using your haptic memory, you can find the button, knob, fader and press it or adjust the value.

And there is the AI Knob on the CC121, which is not available in IC Pro, as fat as I know. Very useful controller in my opinion.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your valuable insights. May I ask what it is, in your opinion, that makes the AI knob so useful? I read somewhere about someone using it for editing, but I fail to see how.

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It a great piece of hardware. Highly recommended

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I’ve never used a CC121, but this aspect has also always puzzled me as to its ‘effectiveness’.

The workflow is that it depends on placing your mouse cursor to ‘hover’ over the parameter you want to adjust with the AI knob and then rotate it. And well, for me, once I’ve got the darn mouse pointer there at the parameter I want, its like a piece of cake/second nature to simply scroll the mouse wheel, to dial-in the same adjustment… or move a fader…

Maybe I’d feel differently if I actually used one on a real project… :rofl:


Yes, this is the workflow.

I was also thinking, it’s the same. But it isn’t. The knob movement just feels much better.

Ok, thanks Martin. And like I said, maybe if I were to actually try one, one day… :+1:

I’m using a CC121 on Windows 11, but I doubt that makes any difference vs. Windows 10.

Don’t underestimate the tactile/muscle memory aspect of having a hardware controller like the CC121. I use it mostly to just navigate around the project (jumping between markers, fast forwarding, etc. without needing to look at the controller), thus making use of only a fraction of its functionality, yet it’s become an integral part of my workflow that I wouldn’t want to do without. Highly recommended!

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Yes, ok @Timo00 thanks - these things I can understand; I was simply replying (with an uninformed opinion) to the question posed about how useful or not the AI knob actually was/perceived to be…

FWIW, I actually don’t use the AI knob, but after looking at this discussion, maybe I should :slight_smile:

Interesting @Timo00

So, there you are @Magnus_N - a CC121 owner/user who’s saying he’s yet to see the need or discover the joys of the AI knob… :slightly_smiling_face:

Though, the thread suggests once he does, there will be no turning back… :grinning: :clap: :muscle:

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Just adding that with MIDI Remote in Cubase 12, you can turn any rotary encoder into an AI knob. It is no longer a feature exclusive to the CC121.


I can’t imagine a time without my CC121. I fear the times when it breaks down or Steinberg stops the support in future versions of Cubase. I have created my own Remote Script with horizontal/vertical zooming, gain and pre filters, control room switch to reference track, etc. I love it. Win 10, Pro 12…0.70


Thank you, everyone, for pitching in. I am now more tempted than before to try a cc121.

I am still wondering, though, if/how the AI wheel function could be useful for editing my audio projects. I can see the usefulness of the cc121 in mixing.


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I bought a CC-121 about a year ago and I’m glad I did. Try out this video: CC121:Why it’s STILL the best Cubase Controller in 2020 (10 -year user!) #cubase #controller #cc121 - YouTube

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