HowTo-tempo detect.act like Warp Grid(musical events follow)


“How to have tempo detection act like “Warp Grid(musical events follow)” tool”

I am struggling with something right now using tempo detection. I sometime use the “Warp Grid” tool but find better use for the “Warp Grid(musical events follow)” tool. While working on a free (not tie to the tempo track) MIDI recording that I put in linear time base mode that I time warp to line up the tempo to with the project’s bar&beats, I can also have a drum track in musical time base mode that will stick to the bar&beats. The problem comes when using tempo detection. The tracks seem to be all treated as in linear time base even though the drum track is in musical mode. The effect is that while lining up the tempo to the free recorded instrument, the drum track doesn’t stick to bar&beat thus being offset from correct tempo track.

Does any one know if there’s a way to have tempo detection act as “Warp Grid(musical events follow)” tool including after analysis adjustments while still in tempo detection mode?

any solution or work around idea would be appreciated!


I decided to contact support on this matter. While working with them trying to figure out what I could’ve been doing wrong (haven’t got nowhere with them yet), I took notice that when I click on analyse button in the tempo detection panel, all the tracks that were in musical time base mode are then switch to linear time base.

Does any one know if this is a normal behaviour for Cubase to toggle my musical time base tracks that I specifically sat to that time base mode for a purpose to linear mode when doing tempo detection ?


I don’t know if I am the only one in this boat as I never had any reply, but I just had my reply from Steinberg… not the one I was hoping for as I was hoping for some preference setting to resolve the issue. I’ll share it anyway just conclude the subject…

As the support explained, Steinberg said that the result I am expecting is not how the tempo detection was designed to work. They recommend I go the way I was with the warping method for this example. The tempo detection was meant to be the first thing done in a new session then you build on from there.