HS 1.5 content update problems

Hi, First of all thanks SB for 1.5 and its new content.
I am having problems installing the content on Windows 7 64 bit.
When I double click the HS 1.5 Content Patches, I get this error:

hs update error.jpg
has this happened to anyone else?

Hi, I’ve just done the update without problems (WinXP (SP3)).

Probably not the answer but have you move your content at all since you originally installed it? I’m not sure whether you can do that anyway, I can’t find an option in the standalone version to re-point the library path.

Have you tried downloading it again? Maybe a corrupted download.

EDIT: Did you notice you should install the content update before installing the program update?


Hi Mark,
thanks for the response…
My sample content is on a separate drive, but it has always been like that and halionsonic sees that content fine…
yep re downloaded same problem.
and yep I did try the content installer first which is where the above problems are.

That’s me out of ideas then, sorry.

Maybe a mod will come along and help out.


Appreciate the help.

Did you run “HALion_Sonic_1.5.0_Update.exe” first?
Is your Windows version up-to-date (latest updates from MS)?
Maybe it could be a problem with outdated redistributables.

that is WHAT is giving me the problem…

did my MS update up to yesterday.

So both HALion_Sonic_1.5.0_Update.exe and HALion_Sonic_1.5.0_Content_Patch.msp give you an error?
Maybe a long shot, but did you try to de-install and re-install from the original DVD before applying the update & patch?

hi sorry, I read your earlier post wrong.
here is what I did.
I tried the content patches update, it gave me that error.
I then went onto the update for the plugs and standalone and that seemed to be fine…at least in the install, but when I tried to run haliononic, some of the newer patches said it couldn’t’ find the required audio… if I don’t solve it by tomorrow I will reinstall…


Allright, good luck with it!
You could always drop a mail to the steinberg helpdesk, maybe they can provide you with some command line switches for a custom setup of the .msp file.

Hi thanks I bit the bullet and just reinstalled… and that did the trick thanks.
Yeah this morning I was going to use my mysteinberg to seek help, but the minute I said post sales support it just started to ask too many boxes to fill out…

Great :sunglasses:

I hear you, they almost should start a helpdesk for filling in a helpdesk form :wink:

definitely… :slight_smile:
thanks again.

I’m getting the same error message when I try to install the content. What exactly did you reinstall to make it work?

I uninstalled the plugin and standalone but not the content from the uninstall in the start up menu… then put the original cd and said I wanted to install, it asked me if I want to reinstate or repair (or something like that) and I said yes, and it also said the content wasn’t available should it install it… I pointed to where the content was, it didn’t change that… then I updated with the 1.5 content and it then went fine and I then updated plugins and standalone… and it went fine too.

what OS are u on?


Thanks for your reply. I’m using XP SP3.
I finally got it to work but had to uninstal and reinstall everything (application alone was not enough). The new brass and woodwind instruments are really nice :slight_smile:

yes they are…and clearly it is my imagination but the engine sounds different on the whole to me.

Must give this a go tomorrow!
I’m having exactly this same problem at the moment…

well i tried that and still no joy :frowning:
just noticed the plugin update though so will grab that anyway…
sent a support ticket to steiny and they are responding at the moment… fingers crossed!

Does anyone happen to know the default path for the content installation under win7 64bit?
i’m now having problems figuring out the default path as even after deleting and uninstalling everything HS related i can find, the installer is still pointing to my OLD content directory instead of what should be the default!