Hub - Missing news and tutorials

I haven’t thought about it before I saw the last Hangout from John Barron, but he had the sections full of links, but I have nothing. Why, or how to get it into my Hub?

No answers. :slight_smile:
It looks like this in Dorico 3, on win10.

My Windows machine is exactly the same, and has been for months. I haven’t worked out whether it’s a firewall issue at my end or a server issue at Steinberg’s end.

Hi leo.
I can’t remember to have seen it at all, neither in dorico 1, 2 or 3. On the other side The HUB in Cubase Works as normal, both News and tutorials are showing up, so I recon it’s not a firewall issue; not sure tho.

Yeah, John’s looks like this:

I don’t ever recall seeing anything in mine either using Windows 10.

Mine shows like John’s, and I’m on Windows. It was not always thus.

I had this happening some time ago. I can’t remember what cleared it. As of now, everything appears as it should on my Hub.

A number of Cubase users reported this same problem back in the spring of this year.

While I can’t vouch that it will clear the problem, this thread from 2016 says that flushing the DNS worked for one user.

Mine works fine as well.

Is anyone else who can’t get news and tutorials in their Hub using Norton 360? Maybe I need to whitelist communications with Steinberg in Norton or something.

I’m not running Norton anything.

My hub has also been empty since my internet connection was briefly interrupted a few weeks ago. Cubase Hub works well.
No Norton, only WIndows Standards.

best regards

No Norton here!
I’ve Dorico 3 elements and Cubase 10.5 elements on my laptop, and I have Dorico 3 pro and Cubase 10.5 Pro on my desktop-studio. It’s the same on both, Hub in dorico has no News or tutorials, Cubase Hub has both. All is on win10 and 64bit.

And I can’t see why my DNS cashing should make trouble With Dorico solely and not for anything else.

To me, on another computer I cannot receive news and tutorials

I set both Dorico3.exe and Dorico Web Helper.exe to “Allow” in Norton, and set Windows Security/Exploit Protection/Program Settings to allow both of those programs to override system defaults. Rebooted and still nothing in News or Video Tutorials. Same thing on both my desktop and laptop. I honestly had never paid any attention to those before and assumed it was for future use or something. I didn’t realize they had useful info now.

What program is actually pushing this info? Is it Dorico or the Web Helper program? Or something else? If it’s something else I may need to whitelist it too, but nothing else in my Program Files/Steinberg folder seems likely to be a candidate. There isn’t any .exe in Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg/Shared Components either. Is the program that loads the hub a separate program that lives somewhere else, or just the main Dorico application?

Dorico itself simply makes a couple of HTTP requests to the domain, one to fetch the RSS feed (well, technically an Atom feed) for the Dorico blog, and the other to fetch the RSS feed that proxies the Dorico YouTube channel’s RSS feed. These requests go directly from Dorico. (The Dorico Web Helper executable is used to provide the local web server that displays your key commands if you choose Help > Key Commands.)

We’ve seen reports of this from a number of users ever since Dorico was introduced, and we’ve never been able to get to the bottom of why it doesn’t work for some users.