Huge Files after DOP Make all permanent

I often mix 30 mins documentaries where some files in the AAF (f.e. narration) are one big 30min stem file.

Usually I need to split this into regions with detect silence first and then use the DOP for some plugin processing.
So, imagine having 70 regions with f.e. an eq and mouth declick in the DOP, only referring to this 30mins long file. The issue here ist that Nuendo takes a lot to save the session.

So, what I’m trying to do ist to make all permanent. But Nuendo creates for each region one big 30 min. file per region. Short said, 70 times a 30 mins file (30 gb for nothing).

The DOP is setted to “create new version”, But with make all permanent I thought it takes the region plus the handle times (which doesnt work at all BTW) and makes a bounce of it. But nope…

As a workaround I tried to render, but I don’t have the handle times too (which I honsly need for this). I have only the tail option but it’s not what I want.

PLS help

I would recommend making the edit regions into their own new file. Chop them up. Render them as new smaller files, then do the editing on them. After that, the DOP will only affect the much smaller audio files, instead of always referencing the large master recording file.

Thanx but, as I said, I need the handling time (± some seconds) of material. If you render those before DOP then you don’t have pre/post material in the region to open them up

You could edit them with extra length to either side… then edit down after DOP.

We also have huge projects over 500GB. The best way to clean up with DOP is to create a “backup” via the menu. Then all processes in the DOP are permanent. This means that all files are shortened and all files in the “Edits” folder are gone. Of course, only if you don’t have to change anything in the DOP.

Yeah, it seems there’s no proper solution to this. I think this could be a issue fix more than a feature request. One way could be a render in place first, but you don’t have handle times. Maybe this could be a feature request.

What I also don’t understand is, when you set the handling time the DOP should also apply the plugins also before and after the region. This was never the case. I’m not sure if this depends on Steinberg itself or the plugin companies.

Hi Alessandro! How is it going?
You could try going to Nuendo Preferences under Editing->Audio. At “On Processing Shared Clips” switch to “Process Existing Clip”. That way every DOP process to Events that belong to one original file will be applied to only one file.
But be careful if you need to use certain parts multiple times in the project: The other option you probably have selected now (“Create New Version”) is only useful if you need certain parts of that original clip multiple times with different processing. But in your case you’re good to go with “Process Existing Clip”. And if you need only few parts with different processing you can also use “Bounce Selection” for these.


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There’s already a feature request I posted a while ago. Maybe you might wanna give it a bump? :wink:


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