HUI mode ON = no keyboard note data?

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New here and from what I can search, I can’t find reference to the issue I have. If there are other topics, please point me there! :slight_smile: - I’m new to Cubasis 3 as well. Using it on a Chromebook as an Android app. I also have a sweet little Novation Launchkey (not pad) Mini Mk3. I’ve discovered that in setting HUI mode (MACKEY does weird things and goes nuts after enabling) my little Mini works great. I can navigate around in Cubase, mute/solo, switch tracks with the pads, just as if it was in Ableton (which it was made for, but I don’t like)! :smiley: This setup uses a USB connection, btw.
My Issue/Details
However, when HUI is enabled, I cannot seem to get any midi note data from the keyboard?! No matter what settings I try. If I turn off HUI, boom… I get note data!
Is this by design? I’d hardly think so, unless there’s a hot key for enabling/disabling HUI mode - or I can MIDI map it?
I would expect to still be able to send midi note data evn tho in DAW mode or HUI mode. If that’s not possible technically, then if the mode switch was midi mappable that would be very nice (ie. map it to a pad or Shift+Pad event)


NOTE ADDED: This seems to effect all midi channels. I have another keyboard (USB) as well set to a different midi channel, but no note traffic comes thru from any device, unless I turn off HUI.

Hi @kgingeri,

MIDI input port selection is a feature that is currently only available in Cubasis for iOS. We plan to bring it over to the Android version in a future update, which will solve the limitation you’re facing because you’ll be able to select one MIDI port for Mackie/HUI control, and another for note input on a track. But I’m afraid that this feature is further down our roadmap, don’t expect it very soon.

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Thanks @LSlowak, I’ll wait for that. It makes sense!
That also explains some other behaviour I’ve seen.

Karl :v)

PS: I think Cubasis is about the only mobile DAW I’ve gone across that supports MCU / HUI directly! Thanks for this!

@LSlowak, I digress here a bit, but I do have an iPad I could use. I assume I’d need to purchase a license for it as well as have one for Android?

So I tried that (to buy it) but my iPad is too old :roll_eyes:. Cubasis 2 didn’t have HUI or MCU, correct? It will run on my iPad.
Another option is a Win 10 tablet I have. Is there any way to get Cubase LE without having bought hardware it comes with?

Thanks Lars!
I promise I won’t pester you too much. Mostly some noobie questions here on the front end of things…
Karl ;vP

Hi @kgingeri,

Thanks for your message.
Controller support is exclusive to Cubasis 3.

It looks like you want to give Cubase a try now, correct?

Please find the available versions compared right here:

To further dicsuss Cubase-related questions, please visit the Cubase forum.

Hope that helps!


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