HyperControl for Axiom Pro Keyboards

I just thought I would include this topic in case anyone is wondering or comes across the need for this information.

The M-Audio website no longer has a HyperControl driver for the Axiom Pro for Cubase. The last one released was for Cubase 6 (version 1.1.6). I would like to report, however, that version 1.1.6 still works just fine with Cubase 8 (so far as I have tested it out). The Transport controls all work, the mixer knobs and faders all work, the solo, mute, arm, track select, mixer channel bank select, etc., all seem to work. It even appears that the insert, sends, and VST Instrument, selection and editing works, although I did not delve too deep into these features because I can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to try to edit their plug-ins or instruments this way (given that Quick Controls are so much easier to set up and use).

Anyway, there is no installer but the file, “AxiomProCubaseHyperControl.dll” just needs to be copied to the Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8\Components" folder. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this file is even available on the M-Audio website anymore (I couldn’t find it) so if anyone needs it, let me know and I will provide it (it is only 139 KB).

I should also mention that there are HyperControl drivers for Axiom AIR for Cubase available, which just might work as well. I haven’t tried it as I have not needed to.


Here are the files…


Update: This driver still works up through Cubase 10. Just copy the file to the appropriate Cubase folder.

i Can´t find any driver for my AxiomPro 61 on M-Audio Homepage ;(
is it possible that i can get the driver from you

im running
Windows 8.1 64bit
and Cubase 7.5
Yamaha MR816 CSX

and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Sure! You shouldn’t need a Windows driver because the Axiom Pro is “class compliant” but you will need the HyperControl personality file. I have sent you a PM.

Hello everybody,
I have a similar issue: I had the Cubase 7,5 and uppdated to 8. the Hyper control does not work at all!!!
I could not find the file that jasian mentioned but i found the AxiomAir.dll and I copied at the new place (Programfiles\Cubase8\components). Nothing.
Any ideas more?

I sent you a PM

Thank you thnx 100thnx. I will uninstall the Axiom totally and re install it from sxratch. I will get back to you when i have any new. Thnx anyway

Befor uninstall I did what jaslan suggested. Everything works fine now!!YEssss
Thnx to everyone and esp. to jaslan

Guy wondering if you can help me.

Running cubase 8 on Yosemite.
Have axiom pro 61 first Gen
Cubase does not see the axiom. ho do i get this to work. thank you very much.


I use Windows so I don’t think I can advise anything specific about MAC. A couple of ‘generic’ type ideas that I can think of…
Is there a way to tell if the OSX is seeing the keyboard? Have you checked the m-Audio website for drivers?

Hi Jaslan, can I trouble you to send me that file as well? I’m having the same issue getting my Axiom Pro 61 Hypercontrol working in Cubase 7 / Win 8.1. Thanks in advance!

I sent you a PM.

so is anyone using hypercontrol in a productive way?

i gave it about 15 minutes years ago when i installed it, found out it slows me down a lot and never looked back. what are your actual workflows with it? (the display is too tiny for me to provide me with anything meaningful.)

Personally, I don’t do any plug-in editing on the controller. It used to be nice if you wanted to control a parameter real time while playing, like a filter frequency, but since Quick Controls, it is much eaiser to set up the controller in MIDI mode to control Quick Controls and use Hyper Control mode for the Mixer and Transport.

It could also be useful in live performance but that doesn’t do much for me.

Basically, to me, Hyper Control is just like Automap. It provides an easy setup, avoiding setting up Generic Remote and it has a few functions that I don’t believe can be accomplished with GR.

It’s interesting that they left the “AxiomPro-er’s” completely out of the equation, on their site Driver’s page…as though it never was!

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Well, I think m-Audio is owned by AVID now, which I think makes Pro Tools.
Maybe they are trying to persuade Cubase users…

Jaslan - thank you so much. I’d be totally lost had you not started this thread and sent me the link, so I really appreciate it. The lack of support from M-Audio since the Avid buyout is frustrating to say the least.

Jaslan can you send me the file too?

I will send you a PM

Jaslan - thank you as well.

Please Jaslan can you send me the file too, I have the same problem?