I am confused about, 32bit vs 64bit plugins 'with' vst2 vs vst3...?

So, cubase 12 pro no longer supports vst2 right?
But, vst2 plugins can also be 64bit right?

So, how can I know, which plugins of mine atm ‘are’ vst2 and be sure it will not work on cubase 12 pro?

Just checking every little thing before I press ‘upgrade’ button on steinberg website…
But, on mac, it is not easy to classify whether my plugins are vst2 ‘or’ vst3…

Who knows the best way?

For now, my 32bit plugins are not working and they are on blacklist so I know that for sure :slight_smile:

Hi John,

Only if you are running Cubase Pro 12 on an Apple silicon Mac in native mode, you won’t be able to load VST2 plug-ins. If you are running Cubase on an Intel Mac you can still load VST2. Even on an Apple Silicon Mac in Rosetta Mode you can run VST2 plug-ins.

I would suggest to get the Cubase trial first. Then you can open the Plug-in manager and there will be a list of all you plug-ins sorted by VST2 and VST3.

32-bit are no longer supported. But that’s really a thing of the past. Time to move on.

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Just to add to what Matthias has written above, within the plugin list selection there is also a III symbol that denotes if a plugin is VST3. Highlighted it here:


Thank you! Awesome to know, I think most my go-to will work :slight_smile: (also as Matthias explained even vst2s will work so yeah!) Oh! yeah yeah I am not holding any 32bits back :slight_smile: haha since I am on Cubase 11 pro (I’ve been for a long time hehe)


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try jbridge

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Yeah for sure, jbridge is another good option :slight_smile: But for me, no particular old plugins hold me back so yeah :slight_smile: but thanks!

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