I am unable to save presets

I completed a mix and tried to save some of the VST plug-in presets as well as some eq presets and out of the blue I am no longer able to do this. I click on Save preset, the dialogue box comes up, i name it and click save , it kinda blinks and nothing happens. The Dialogue box is still there and the name that I want to save is still in the input box but nothing appears int the saved area. This happens with EQ settings in the channel edit , Waves Plug-ins, UAD2 plugins as well as Steinberg Plug-ins such as ReVerence. This happens in C7.0.1 as well as most recent version of C6.5

I have made no changes to either program or the computer itself. One day it worked the next session it didn’t. any ideas greatly appreciated as I am in the middle of two mixdown album projects.



OK , I copied the Cubase 6.5.4 application folder to another folder on the desktop, then deleted the original. Re-started Cubase, it reset to the defaults. Then I replaced the VstEqPreset.pxml file with the original and all my presets are there and I can now save plug-in and eq presets. When I did the same procedure in C&.0.1 and replaced the VstEqPreset.pxml file with the original form 6.5.4, the only presets that show up are the default ones for C7. So is there a different file for Eq presets I am missing? I have a vast array of all types of instruments and vocalist I have recorded that I have saved Eq presets over the years and it would suck to have to re-load each project that i wanted the preset from and re-save it in C7

If you look around on forum you will see a lot of upset people about what your issue is. Seems that there is a glitch in 7.01 so a lot of us have switched back to 7.0 till Steinberg sorts out the mess. Sorry to be bearer of bad news so don’t shoot the messenger lol https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=184&t=30292

Good luck and if you can’t figure out how to revert back let me know and I will forward instructions

The EQ in C7 is different to that which exists in previous versions and is not preset compatible.

Well that just suck the big one now doesn’t it…that is absurd so all those years of saving things are for naught?

So the EQ presets would show up in 7.0.0? What is the process to revert. I have not trusted C7 with any new projects and have only brought in a couple of current ones to dance around with the new features. I have a couple of commercial releases that are about to go to mastering and I would never jeopardize that with new software. So I am guessing until this is worked out if i want a preset I will have to load a previous songfile and save the preset from there…Now THAT is workflow :astonished:

NO one knows, but we are all waiting for a happy outcome. I too have 10s of thousands invested in 3rd party items and no recall of presets is not an option for me either… I wrote to several moderators at Steinberg and got a coupe of responses that stated they are aware of this and are looking for a solution. I’m not holding my breath I just went back to 7.0 till it happens :frowning:

I also switched back to my Motu interface because I’m having problems with mr816csx. They say they are aware of these problems and will have cure also lol. The Motu has been solid no crashes though and 7.00 seems to work well for me so I am just hoping they fix other items and are transparent in all future changes

I use MOTU as well 2408 MKIII and 1296 that were modded by Black Lion Audio…great investment…So you are saying in C&.0 the presets will work? So how do I revert? Uninstall and re-install the orig C7? I will still use C6.5.4 for my major work but i want to transition over to C7

Hope fully u can follow this road map, not sure if you are on mac/pc.
Go to Steinberg.net and login -
Select Support>Current Downloads
Software Drop down select Cubase 7
Scroll down Select Cubase 7.0.0 Core Installer(that’s what I did but I guess you can download Complete installer also.

Uninstall then reinstall. If you have disk do not use it to install as disk auto updates to newest version.

Hope it works perfect and yes 7.0 will give you load presets from drop down right top corner in Mixer functions menu save/load presets

I’m confused – the thread you linked is about something different than simply saving presets, it’ about .vmx files. That does not appear to be what the OP is talking about.

I’m having the same problem, I can’t save any basic presets for the devices. For example, I open Groove Agent, drop in some samples from media bay, and try to save the new kit: same as OP describes, it just sits there when I click save, and nothing happens…and that really blows.

Well when I removed the preference files folder and restarted C6.5.4 then replaces the preference folder with the original i have saved everything worked again. Did the same in C7.0.1 and was able to now save things, it just doesn’t show all my EQ presets from C6.5 or earlier so that sucks. So I would try the process i used and se if that cures your problem

Check my other post on the procedure or page 709 of the manual https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=32876

Thinking too much lol
Eq presets or VST plug-in presets are saved as .VST extensions in cubase, VMX is file for mixer settings. My suggestion would be install 7.0.0 see if it fixes issue if not u can easily move back to 701
See this regarding bypassing cubase prefs

Maybe the mixer is now based on VST 3 and VST2(.4) and below will no longer have recall.

I loaded the newest update 7.0.2 and I still cannot save my eq, or Steinberg plugin presets which according to the version history was fixed. My UAD-2 and Waves plugin presets are savable. What is up with this???

Seriously, am I the only one with this problem???

Well I deleted the preference folder, restarted C7 and I am still having the same problem. I can save channel presets but i cannot save any Steinberg plugin presets, i.e. REVerence, or Channel EQ presets…WTF, over

Are you on OSX?
In the past I had weird problems with saving presets and in the end I found out that the problems were caused by the fact that I activated File Vault (data encryption in OSX).

Hope this helps you.

Nope running Win 7 64 bit

I should request support by steinberg: