I bought Halion a year or two ago, still can't use it

I purchased Halion over a year ago, it would be nice if i could use it, any help would be appreciated. I have Halion 4 license/activation code

Aloha r,

Listing yer gear (hardware/OS/Cubase version) could help us help you.

I have the up to date Samsung laptop, good enough for easy video editing. I just need to know where to download the thing, I downloaded it when I first bought it, but could not activate it, now im on a new computer with lots of power, but no halion.

You need to contact support, just like the last time you went through this…
And since it is the weekend (again, like the last time), you will likely not hear anything from them until at least Monday.

Actually I did and they reset my password user name which I forgot, so I figured i’d come here to ask. they directed me here when I asked this same question.

Might they have to ‘re-set it’ again?

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These comments are in appallingly bad taste. Good luck with getting support in the future :exclamation:

Sorry, rytis but that was way over the top which is why you cannot participate anymore. As mentioned earlier, we have a support in the US so if you do not want to speak to Germans, there you go… :unamused: