I bought one of these - Microsoft Surface Dial

I was using it to scroll in the WL edit window and it was working perfectly but then version 11.1 came out and it no longer scrolls in WL. It still works with my browsers so I know the unit is working OK. Does anyone know what happened to WL so it no longer works? Thanks in advance.
<PC version Windows 10 Pro latest updates.>

I have a Microsoft Surface Dial as well and I would appreciate if Steinberg could integrate this device in its software more deeply than just the available basic.

Could someone answer my question as to why I cannot use the Microsoft Surface Dial with WL 11.1. Thanks!!!

I will need to get such a device to answer you.

What integration do you have in mind?

If you got one I think you will find that it is an amazing device.
It was working in WL10 and WL11 BEFORE the latest update to 11.1
It works well in VEGAS and Sound Forge so something has changed in WL 11.1
Thanks for your input as always…

I am not rommelaar but I guess I wont to use it mainly for scrolling and it is programmable so it could be used for many other functions. I do a lot of video and use the MS Surface Dial for scrolling the video in VEGAS. You can read more about it here Surface Dial Review | Windows Central


+1 to this - just for scolling even, though it could be useful for numerous things. Such a great little device.

Never thought about this device, sounds useful!

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I have received this afternoon a Microsoft Surface Dial device to test with it… and it works “out of the box” (literally!) with WaveLab 11.1.10, build 21, on Windows 10, 21H2.
Therefore, something must have changed in your system, and AFAIK, since settings can change from app to app, check about this.

Though I have played little with it, this device feels good and I am in a good position now to have more advanced support with WaveLab, in a future version :slight_smile:


GREAT glad you like the unit. I am super pleased with what it can do and also use it on my Flight Simulator FS2020.

It is really GREAT for so many things.

Any suggestions as to where to look since it works on Vegas and Sound Forge which leads me to think it is a WL “problem”. Thanks in advance.

I guess you have disabled scroll mode for WaveLab. Simply press the Dial for one second, to display the menu, then select this (click with the mouse on it):


This level of engagement is one of many reasons why I love Wavelab so much. Thanks for making the effort PG

There is easy things that can already been setup, like scrolling etc. But it would be nice to do the more advanced stuff that is shown on youtube without the need of the “elephant” app. More native integration.

Surface Dial application dependency

For information: I only use the Surface dail (don’t own a surface computer).

If you could share your new found knowledge with your collegues who develop the other Steinberg applications that would be great.

Thanks for taking your time to have look at it.


I know how to work the MS Surface Dial and currently use it in Vegas and Sound Forge with no problems. It is when I try and use it with WL11.1 that it fails to work. It was working fine in WL 11.0.3 but…no longer. Any suggestions or places to look would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

Did you see my previous answer? (I have just edited it a bit)

Again I know how to use the MS Surface dial and I am currently using it in Sound Forge and VEGAS. I was using it daily in WL 11.0.3 but when WL 11.1 came out it ceased to work in WL. So just to reiterate I know how to use it and I am using it in Sound Forge and Vegas at the present time what I cannot do is use it in WL11.1. Is there some setting I have to change? Thanks for your input as always and I hope you are enjoying your new MS Surface Dial. Be safe and STAY HEALTHY!!! We all need you!!!

I think I know why (after spending some time with the Surface Dial).
The dial not being a mouse, then when the dial rotates, it tells WaveLab that the “position of the wheel” is the center of the screen. If the center happens to be the waveform view, then scrolling happens. If not, nothing happens. This is because this position is here to tell WaveLab, what part of WaveLab to scroll.
Therefore, just enlarge the waveform view so that the center of the screen overlaps the waveform view.
With the above information, with WaveLab 11.1, I can make the dial work or not work. Therefore I am pretty sure this is your problem.

Now the good news is that with WaveLab 11.1.10, some better support will be provided for the surface dial. For example, no such potential problem as described above.
But also proper plugin parameter editing (move the mouse over a parameter and dial).
And even zooming the waveform using both the mouse and the dial.

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