I can't play live using the VST amp rack

As the title says, I don’t understand why even if I have the amp rack on I can’t hear the direct monitor effected by it. I just hear the clean sound as If no effect was going on.

But if I record that clean sound and I reproduce this new track I can hear the sound correctly distorted by the amp rack.

I tried this on cubase 6.5 too, same results… where am I wrong?

ps. all my programs are updated.

Do not use direct monitoring when recording with VST effects.

Well, of course without using direct monitoring it doesn’t works the same… for me.

Is the constrain delay compensation button turned on? or the independent track button on?

Of course!
Then that would now be the time to post useful system and setup infos, because usually for everyone else it works without direct monitoring on…


Cubase 7.0.6 - 64bit

Turn on the monitor button.

then, as I said, it will sound as a clean sound, and not the effected one.

Anyway, in the past it worked properly, I don’t understand why now it doesn’t.

Try a different preset.

I tryed different plugins too, same thing. And also on the 32 bit version… I don’t understand.

Because as I already said, you quite certainly have direct monitoring enabled.
And since you prefer to not post your gear, I suggest, to read the manuals on how this is implemented in your interface
And now anyone feel free, to jump on me, because you imply I´m rude, or what ever you think you can read out of my way of posting :mrgreen:

EDIT: And btw. Direct monitoring is not the orange little button, NWP is talking about…

oh wait, I just relized “direct monitoring” is not the “monitor” icon. Sorry :smiley: Problem solved I guess.

Hi. Im having the same problem. I assume I also will have ti disable the “direct monitoring”? How do I do that? Im pretty new to this… got Cubase a couple of days ago.

That would depend on your system /interface. The good thing is, it ise explained in your soundcard and Cubase manual…

Based on what I’ve seen, you ARE rude. Nobody wants to be made to feel stupid when trying to solve a problem, even it it IS in the 900+ page manual. If I were to actually consider asking for help here again, it would be great if you could restrain yourself from horning in. You make this a hostile environment, and I’d guess that was not what Steinberg had intended. Watch my posts for an example of how to be polite.

I second Rustman on that. If thinkingcap dont know the solution he might as well keep quiet.

However, I run Cubase Elements 7 on W7 professional 64 bits with a M-Audio Solo FireWire soundcard. Do I disable the “direct monitoring” in Cubase (where?) or somewhere else?

Hi there,

being polite is a way in both directions. Thinkingcap knows that the direct monitoring had been discussed/solved a lot of times in different threads here in the forum and as well it is explained in the Cubase manual.





I do not like the rude way he answers sometimes as well, but I can also understand why he is getting a bit rude.

So…@ all guys: please be gentle…

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That was a good reply Marcus. The links you posted will probably be helpful to the OP in getting a handle on their question.

As for forum behavior, I understand the frustration. Likewise, I hate to be told to use the search function, read the manual, or lambasted with sarcasm. Right or wrong, I think it’s better not to reply to a post unless you’re willing to beat that dead horse one more time with a smile on your fingers. This will be the last time that I chastise thinkingcap. It’s just that I remembered his screen name the last few times I logged on BECAUSE of his tone in a number of threads. I’m new here and yet I already had a feeling about his nature. I’m sure we’re all big kids here. Nuff said.

A have similar feelings towards people who just post in threads to criticize my way of posting, without contributing anything to the solution of the problem…