I do not understand Cubase 8.0.30 Performance

On Cubase 8.0.30 the VST Performance Meter average would go about 75%,
whatever plugins i use. Now, in my Task Manager Performance the CPU is
utilized about 18-20%. What am i missing in here?


Had the same issue on 8.0.30 on Win 7 Ult 64bit

Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and upgraded to Cubase Pro 8.5 and my VST Performance meter barely lights!

On 8.0.30 (on Win 7) about 10 tracks and I was maxing out with audio dropouts.
Very Frustrating! So I had to use C7.5 for most projects.

Now on 8.5 (on Win 10) I’ve had opportunity to load in 100+ tracks and have no meter maxing and no dropouts!
(and my Win10 was a painless automatic upgrade process from Microsoft!)

I have a System with Windows 10 and also Cubase 8.5 Pro but i use Win 7 as my main
Studio system. The reason i don’t use Win 10 is i am hesitant about my plugins, lots of them.
I will install FEW of my heaviest plugins on the W10 System and see how that works.

Thank You

I forgot to mention, on my Win 7 System i am still using 8.0.30.

Thanks for the input. I’m having the same problem. Do you know if it was upgrading to 8.5 that fixed it or upgrading to Windows 10? By installing both together it’s hard to know which did it. I love Windows 7 and don’t want to upgrade to 10. But upgrading to Cubase 8.5 will cost money and if it doesn’t fix it that’s money wasted. I wish we knew if simply upgrading to 8.5 would fix it.

When I upgraded from Cubase 5 to 8 Pro it was unusable because of the performance issues. I asked for a refund from Steinberg but they refused. I am not over the moon about paying even more money for 8.5 to fix a major problem that should be free but if it works it’s worth it as I just need to get on with my work.

Upgrading to 8.5 fixed it for me.

I thought 8.0.30 gave very poor performance. The CPU meter would jump around and go much higher simply by having the piano roll editor open!

I would recommend an upgrade to 8.5, or if you have no money right now, downgrade to the previous version

Thanks, I appreciate that. By previous version do you mean 8.0.0?

Should Steinberg not be offering 8.5 for free given that 8.0.3 is such a failure for performance? How can they get away with selling us a dysfunctional product and then charging us more money for the fix?

Isnt it weird…I’ve got windows 7 running CP8.0.30 and it’s awesome, best version I’ve ever had…this continued through to 8.5 'cept it will not close at the mo so went back to 8.0.30

good luck mate… :slight_smile:

I just bought the 8.5 update, installed it and opened a project. No improvement at all. The audio performance monitor still sits way up around 75% when windows is saying 15%. Copying a simple midi object freezes the interface for a few seconds, and overall it’s just sluggish just like before. Latency when playing the midi keyboard (via midi or usb) is still sluggish as before (on older Cubase version it’s instant). I have not activated the product yet (still in 25 hour trial period) and will be trying to get a refund.

I can confirm now that Cubase 8.5 Pro on Win 7 did not improve performance, same problem all over.
I did not test on Windows 10 yet…have a lot to install and also licenses problems, will try to do something.
Best option is using VEpro and Loading the Plugins in there because it is a lot more efficient.

I was trying to be fast and come here warn you that on Win7 you will not get improved performance but you were faster.

Yeah thanks man, but someone earlier in the thread said 8.5 fixed it for them so I went for it. My major concern with upgrading Windows is that it will screw up my system. I use a lot of 10 year old plugins and VSTs that I need. I also don’t like the cost of Windows 10. It’s financially “free” but it’s not really free at all as we pay for it in other ways such as our data being mined and our privacy being stepped on.

I have Win10 on another system but do not wanna do music on it either.
I guess Cubase 8.5 fixes performance issues only on Win 10 not 7.

Sorry man, I must have got lucky. This version is good for me.

When I mentioned possibly rolling back I meant to 8.0.10 or 8.0.20. Something seemed to change after that.

VEPRO changed everything, i am in Heaven with VEPRO! Holy Smokes!

What is VEPRO? A lot of results come up in Google, everything from health services to spice room fresheners. Could you link me to a resource?

VEPRO is Viena Ensemble Pro. It can be used on a Server or on Same computer, what basically does is it lets you open the VSTs in there instead of Cubase, then connects to Cubase and kinda 10duple your VST CPU power. Then the Cubase meter stays there for nothing, you actually watch the actual real CPU performance in the Task manager.


So you’re using VEP 5 as a “wrapper” for VSTis on the same computer?
And getting much better performance?

I have only ever used VEP5 (as in my sig) to run things on other boxes.
Always seemed to me that running another Program (VEP5) on the same machine for VSTis rather than opening directly in Cubase would result in LOST performance.


Hey Hugh, yes. The reason is, lets say you have a Project where the VST CPU performance shows you 75% used.
Now open the Task Manager and look under CPU Performance in Windwos, it is no more of 20% of proecssing
power used. Take the same project, close all the VST, open them in VEPRO, link back to Cubase and use the
Project as before. Cubase VST Performance Meter now of course will be very low since no VSTS but now look
at the Task Manager. You still get 20-30 of CPU usage…this way you can triple the number of plugins and still
have some juice left over. This is actually a problem with Cubase it self which has been acknowledged by
almost everyone and almost every user is experiencing it. Also, other DAWS report this where Cubase and another
DAW with the same plugins do not utilize the processor same way, other DAWs are more efficient.
Now on top of that, i have 2 powerful machines, VEPRO can be used both, as Local Host and on a Network all
at the same time, imagine the performance i get.

Thanks a lot!