I finally fixed the CPU spikes I was getting with Cubase Pro 10!

I switched to Studio One 4. I hate to be an ass but after fighting with the CPU spikes for months and trying everything Steinberg recommended, and you in this forum, I gave up. It’s truly unacceptable that there are so many people having this issue and Steinberg doesn’t seem that interested in fixing it. We shouldn’t have to turn off things like Hyper Treading and Turbo Boost to solve Steinberg’s bugs. And yes I tried that too but it didn’t solve it. Anyway, I switched to Studio One and bye bye cpu spikes.

Steinberg can’t even seem to resolve the stupid freezing issue when closing the damn program. It was fixed for awhile with an update but then returned. It’s just ridiculous for a $600 program to have bugs like this.

I’m kind of tempted to go down that route too…
I know very little about the technical under the hood stuff (nor do I care). All I know is I can hear my computer fans speeding up a little the moment I open Cubase, they remain like that pretty much consistently throughout the session, and stop a few seconds after I close. And the many other DAWs I’ve been trying out lately don’t seem to even tickle the CPU.
It’s really putting me off.
For now I’ve got it listed on eBay but have little hope. Some Cubase ads have been there for ages…

I have mine on eBay as well, and for dirt cheap. Thankfully I got a good deal when I upgraded from Artist 7 to pro 10 so i shouldn’t lose too much. I can’t believe how many pirated versions are sold on eBay for like $7.99. It’s crazy that eBay allows it. Anyway, I’m up to 7 watchers so I’m hopeful it will eventually sell. So far I’m very happy with Studio One. For my purposes it works great and I’m not missing Cubase at all.

This is funny/not so funny, having made dozens of comments, bug reports, and support emails on this very subject, having been told by support themselves that multithreading & hyperthreading does not work on many platforms and to “wait for a solution”, and also having had numerous irritating brand-managing personalities on these forums explain to me how the issue is mine, the issue is some other vendor, or the issue is “extremely isolated/almost nobody has it”.

I personally made a list of 30+ other bug reports and posts made by users here who have the IDENTICAL issue, and I occasionally post that list of links on these forums in an attempt to raise awareness of the issue. The moderators remove my comments and posts. That list of links is available if anyone wants to use it to reinforce their support email chains.

Ive started learning other DAWs,and have been using Maschine2 and my MK3 for much of it in the mean time. Im tired of this, and the dishonesty and pro-brand trolling that goes on here is reprehensible and unacceptable. Part of my support email chain is regarding the moderation and behavior seen here.

Lets see how long until my moderator friend deletes this.

Maybe if you keep doing the same thing over and over again something will change … :ugeek:

Just to let you know, your previous thread managed to entertain me for days. Thanks for that, at least. :mrgreen:

That’s why customer service sends frustrated customers here on an official basis, yes: so that we may entertain. I’m glad it’s all working out so well.

I have exactly the same issue. Thinking to go back to Reaper. This is completelly unaceptable.

After very, very long consideration, I have solved the problem in the same way. It works. Other bugs have disappeared too.

Avoid bugs is not to fixing them!

Do tell Steinberg, please.

Cubase 11 will hopefully be out before black Friday. It could make my decision easier to take advantage for a decent upgrade offer for SO4.
I have already SO3 Artist (or how they call it) with no VST support, that’ why I never really used it.
Just read recently in a SO community many complaints with similar content like we see it here :wink:

You want the impossible.
in the background: Use the source Luke, use the Source
Im strong with the Source, but I dont have this one.

Cubase 11?? hahahaha I think not. The experience I’ve had with 10.5 pro, namely the poor, poor customer service expectations and caustic personalities who are allowed to run interference on the forums, has led me to a pause on any paid updating of cubase for the foreseeable future. Another paid update, when Ive had this one for 3 months and so many issues persist?? LOL never! This exploitative subscription-without-subscription model is reprehensible, and I wont allow it. I’ll wait for a few years to see if things improve, and Ill continue working in other DAWs in the meantime.

i got cpu overlaod after just few instrument tracks and few, less then 8 audio tracks … its all useless … do you think this is just a wrong company to get your DAW from? … i am fairly new to this , i am used to using stand alone recorders … and i am allready so frutrated

i am also very dissatisfied with cubase 10 pro , just got here on the forum … and i am shocked that moderators intstead of helping poeple are approving our post and comments !!! I cant even record 16 tracks of mixed midi and audio !!! really??? and i am waitin for my post with my question to be approved !!! … if things dont get solved here , then where??? a just signed in on the forum and from what i read i wonder if my problems will ever get solved or my comments and posts approved … why cant people just write posts and modarators help with solving problems … instead they are busy approving posts and everybody is pissed off !!!

I hate to say it but threads like this should be closed. Not appropriate in this forum.

On modern machines, Cubase can work perfectly without any spikes. If you get them, it is not a bug in Cubase, but a problem with its configuration, with the configuration of your operating system, configuration of your BIOS, problems with the plugins you use, problems with connected devices, problems with device drivers.

People who blame it all on Cubase may have no idea what else can affect latency. Posts of this kind are therefore an expression of the helplessness of the poster.

The freeze on close bug I get too, sometimes. Maybe it is just my impatience, as sometimes Cubase suddenly closes after maybe five minutes or so. Definitely unexpected behavior, but nothing really serious. You can get mad about that - or not.

Exactly, there are many reasons stuttering / CPU spikes happen. There is not one simple fix for this.
Find out what is the course of it and fix it, it’s not rocket science, but can be rather time consuming.

Ummm , it makes me laugh that all the users that are shouting and screaming about unfixable problems have very low post count’s .

The latest version of Cubase seems to run fine on my system and that’s an old I7 3770K which was recommended by Steinberg for Cubase 7/8
So if this is running smoothly then there is only one conclusion . …Sell up , go back to Reaper

In what parallel universe does a good piece of software require tons of posting in a forum? When such forum is already full of threads on a given matter? In fanboy universe perhaps?