I hate to beat the no download option dead horse again but..

I’ve been patient, a blizzard came and my delivery of C6 was postponed. No problem I was hoping it would be here by today since it’s been sitting at it’s final destination 30 miles from my house for 2 days. I excitedly got up this morning and checked the UPS page not on truck…check again and again…not on truck :astonished:

Now my “it will get here when it gets here” attitude is changing to WTH this seems so primitive waiting for software that could easily be downloaded. I have very fast internet so speed isn’t an issue here. I realize that this is probably done to spread the wealth amongst distributors but Steinberg… that model is a ghost of the past.

I know the world won’t end and “I’ll get it when I get it” but I’m a little irritated right now for the simple fact that I have 3 open days in front of me which is a rarity and I was hoping to get intimate with C6 before my projects resumes next week.

If I could drive down to UPS and pick it up myself I would but they said I can’t. :imp:

thats outrageous , you should be aloud to pick it up from the depot if you take identification with you , that in my world is “BANG OUT OF ORDER” !


I talked to them yesterday and they said it’s in a big warehouse with no customer service people there. :frowning:

for an international company like UPS surly they allow you to pick up at certain times? they do over here ’ if they don’t then thats outrageous and i feel your pain ! at least you know where it is now and should be with you soon but its still outrageous!