No buy since no download

Just wanted to tell.

Both me and a college didnt hit buy just because there were no only download version.

Youve left the paper manual, now also add digital download.



You are not buying because you don’t like getting a disc in the mail? Now, does that make any sense?

I agree. No download option is pretty lame. For people like me that already own a Steinberg hardware key from a previous version, is there some technical reason I can’t download the software and get a new license transferred to the key I already own? I did that with Pro Tools 9/iLok. I was up and running the day it was released. You make the early adopters happy, and you save tons of money on packaging, duplication, and shipping costs.

(BTW, I’m not refusing to buy because of this. I just ordered my upgrade today.)

Fair enough, a download should be mandatory.

But to say you wont buy the product because there is no download is just daft, you obviously dont have a need to update.

A download update should be mandatory (+1)

You walk into a restaurant, you read the menu. You then order the waiter to bring you something which is not served at this restaurant. He tells you that is not possible. You get loud and obnoxious and the management asks you to leave. You leave, hungry.

The restaurant continues to serve other customers who enjoy the food…

You’re still hungry.

To quote a former member, he’d say “Silly Humans”.


I would probably have it now if it was download. It wasn’t downloadable so I lost the urge. Seriously.

Here is a link to the download version a friend sent me… apparently it is only available in certain countries:

It is a big file.


I don’t understand this. Are you saying you think you should get all new versions of Cubase for free? Or you think $150 to upgrade is not a reasonable price?

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Sorry, but that is a pretty weak analogy, given that you can get up and go eat at any of the other NUMEROUS restaurants that DO serve what you’re wanting

yep download option for those that want a download :wink: but i personally like a hard prodution copy straight from the manufacturers in its presentation box so i know where the disk’s will end up instead of another dvd with no name and soon to be lost in the pile of 3000 other dvd’s ,after all we are paying £500 and i like to feel ive got something else than a downloaded program on a rewritable disk , but thats just me !



This issue isn’t about “speed” it’s about convenience. It’s also about choices – having the OPTION to either order a hard copy or download it at time of sale. It’s also about competition and adapting to the times, and protecting the environment, too.

And I won’t apologize to you or anybody else for my choice of silverware, or my willy-whacking, or my RIGHT TO COMPLAIN AND LOUDLY! :smiley:

No word from Steinberg on this? I asked a specific question: Is there a technical limitation that prohibits the digital download option? There must be a lot of people like me that already own a hardware key. Why make us wait for a box with another key in it? Has anyone from Steinberg answered this question in another post, or FAQ, or anywhere and I just missed it?

I want the new elastic audio features (and to take a look at the new amp models) but since you can’t add that functionality separately…

It’s kind of like World of Warcraft updates – people like me who play the game once or twice a year could care less but people who are hooked and play it almost daily are hot to get the update

But they don’t serve Cubase now do they! The whole dang thread is weak too! Lack of food or something, or too much willy-whacking as someone mentioned! :imp: :laughing:

Ahh… so that’s what you call it in Canada! In the US, we call it all kinds of things (mainly because it is so popular). In fact, my singer had a song with all those different names. Of course it sounded like cr@p because we were laughing too hard to actually [play our instruments]. I think I played the organ on that one as a matter of fact. :mrgreen: :smiling_imp:

That requires a good rim shot

It would seem that the reason for no download option is that Steinberg does not have enough server infrastructure to handle the load, especially upon an initial release. Heck, I couldn’t get on to order C6 on the day of the C6 announcement even WITHOUT a download option.


They could just up them to Rapidshare, flag them as passworded Trafficshare, and add one Euro to the cart.