This is just a simple hello, from me, to all of you. I bought Cubase 7 today and was pleasantly surprised to get the 7.5 license and update immediately after installing. I’m now 100% up and running and eager to jump right in. I’m sure I’ll have many questions and will also hopefully be able to offer help and advice as much as my experience allows.

Happy holidays, happy new year, CHEERS!


That’s the advantage of waiting until after the grace period is in operation.

I actually wasn’t aware of the free upgrade. I went into my local music store complaining “Why are you selling Cubase 7 for $499 CAN when I can buy 7.5 online for the same price?!”. The sales guy informed me of the free upgrade. Nonetheless, I was very pleased at how seamless the install and subsequent upgrade went.

And so you should be, the Syncrosoft protection platform adds value to Steinberg (and 3rd party) apps.


Enjoy your new acquisition :slight_smile:
Happy new year to you too!

Welcome rattleshock. Looks like you’re a fellow Canadian.

I did the same thing earlier this summer - July 14.

I switched from Sonar X2a & Studio One to Cubase.

I bought 6.5 within the grace period to Cubase 7.0 right away and it included the full version of HALion 4 which gave me a free upgrade to HALion 5 also within it’s own grace period.

A very pleasant surprise that I didn’t even know was included until I opened the box.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

I’m adding a link here that’s very helpful, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

[Painstakingly done by ‘Bane’.]