I love Cubase Pro 8

Just thought Cubase deserved a little love, instead of all the complaining. So far I really love Cubase. I have come back to it after many many years away. Keep on rockin’ Steinberg! It is nice to see a company that actually pays attention to its DAW. :ugeek:

+1 I’m in heaven with Cubase Pro 8! I’ve been more productive in the few weeks I’ve had it than I have been in the last year. I’m lucky though and haven’t really had any problems other than mixer resizing issues.

Render in-place is like a dream come true!

What’s up with your mixer resizing?

It just doesn’t remember the zoom level sometimes when I close and open it. So I will close it and then hit F3 again to open it and the mixer is zoomed all the way into just 2 tracks rather than 30 or whatever I had it zoomed to previously. Not a big deal I just hit the g or h on the keyboard a few times and it’s back in business.

Gotcha, is this a “bug”? If so, please be sure to report it to Steiny so they can get it sorted out.

I guess it probably is unless I’m missing something with the settings. I’ll look into a bit more and make a report.

Cool, cheers!

I’d be really surprised to find out that ‘mixer resizing bug’ hasn’t been reported yet. It’s been there, for some, including myself, at least since initial release of Cubase 7. Though it seemed to be a very much system specific bug, from what I’ve gathered and experienced.

I’ve had this issue throughout the whole cycle of Cubase 7. For my system, it wasn’t fixed until version 7.5.1 or 7.5.2. Can’t remember exactly at this point. However, none of the issues I’ve ever experienced in Cubase 7/7.5 are present in Cubase 8, for my system/setup. So now with Cubase 8, I have the most stable and glitch free Cubase experience I’ve ever had. Something tells me it’s in part due to me upgrading my system. But that’s just my assumption.

Not sure if you did already, but if you’ll do a forum search you’ll find at least few threads regarding this issues. There are some solutions that were suggested by users, but unfortunately none of them worked for me at that time and obviously for earlier version/s of Cubase.

Can you tell me how to reproduce the ‘mixer resizing’ thing you’re talking about to test it out on my system?

Well, I can’t tell you that as far as Cubase 8 goes as I don’t have that issue in Cubase 8. As far as previous versions go, I’m pretty sure I had the same issue as you do: whenever I would toggle back and forth between ‘Arrangement View’ and ‘Mixer View’, by pressing ‘F3’; Mixer channels would reset to their default size, so they wouldn’t keep/remember the size set by user.

Aren’t you having the same issue? Or did I misunderstand you?

My bad. I thought you were the OP, talking to me. Sorry, it’s almost the end of the day for me. Lacking some basic attention to detail.

LOL, it’s all good :wink:

Just tested it on 8.0.5 nope, not having that issue.

I have it every now and again.

I love it too! There are definitely some frustrating issues I deal with (FXPansion VST GUI problems, skinny scroll bars, text/font issues, etc.) but overall Pro 8 is the best thing Cubase has done since going 64-bit, and feature wise, the best thing since SX 3! For my money, anyway.

The Plugin Manager means I no longer have to create complex folder hierarchies in order to group my VSTis the way I want.

Render-in-place makes it mindlessly easy to bounce down and disable tracks with plugins, meaning for the first time EVER, I basically don’t have to worry about RAM/performance issues. It’s day-and-night compared to anything I’ve ever used before, and I’ve been using Cubase since I got Cubase VST pre-packaged with a Soundblaster soundcard back when Spiceworld was playing at the movie theaters.

Aloha guys,
Just to chime in.

I too am loving working in this app.

And no ‘mixer-resize’ bug here as well.

I also use Cubase live on stage and if the mixer size (or any of the
windows sizes) did not open consistently, I would screwed!

There would be no time for me to stop and fix sizes of the any elements on the screen.

I have been using Cubase live since the SX3 days and have never had this prob.

Good Luck!

I must chime in to say the same!

The improved performance including render in place has had a major impact on my workflow. I can work all through a project with low latency even at mix, making it a breeze to add last minute overdubs. I can switch between projects quickly to copy settings or just move my creative focus.

Still a few irritating issues, but they can be worked around. Best update yet :slight_smile:

+1 Big LOVE here even with all the bugs!


I am one of the lucky ones who has a stable system running on Win7 and Cubase 8.0

It might not be perfect but the bugs for me have been minor.

What I will never understand is why the people who are having all the problems and screaming bloody murder didn’t wait and install after a few patches.

Anyone that’s been in living in the world for the last 20 years, that uses software on a regular basis, knows that you should NEVER EVER install new release software on something you use for production. This goes with any industry. I work in oil and gas for a billion dollar company and our 3D software stays almost 3 releases behind.

I am SO in love with Cubase 8 <3. I’ve never been more productive. I love it aesthetically, it zips on my machine, the workflow / customization options are superb, and it has been rock solid performance wise. Thank you Steinberg, please continue to take my money :slight_smile:

(even though I get that mixer resize thing as well…)