IC PRO CUBASE REMOTE APP (Android) chrashes while opening

IC PRO CUBASE REMOTE APP (Android) chrashes every time
I start it on my Android - phone
( Moto G 6 Plus).

Can you help me?


(Cubase 12 PC )

Is that something new, or the paid one from many years ago, that they dropped???

Seems it has been revived Cubase iC Pro back on Google Play, 50% Off (ending Sept 7, 2023)
Sorry OP, can’t help :slight_smile:

Moto 6 comes with Android 8, and maybe there’s a lib missing.
I would suggest that you contact @LSlowak lowak most probably they can trace the error in the logs and help you out :slight_smile:

Hi @slashgad,

We are working on an update which aims to resolve the current crash problems on 32 bit Android devices.


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Ho @slashgad,

Cubase iC Pro 1.2.6 has been released this morning.
Please let us know if the update resolves your crashing problem.

Thank you,