Icon Platform M+ MIDI Remote - should work with any MCU based controller

HI @7blanche

Finally had a moment to check on the automated port finding in Midi Remote scripting. Whilst the Midi Remote clearly supports multiple MIDI In/Out I can’t seem to convince it to detect multiple outputs and assign them to the correct port. It will only auto detect a single in/out pair or a single in (and we need an out).

As such I can see no way to convince it to use the specific ports required without entering them through the interface when first connected, which as we know is per new project.

Hopefuly Steinberg will add to this aspect in a future update.

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Hi there !
First I have to say thank you @robw and partners for all your work !

I’m trying to find my solution and as I’m just discovering your script, is it normal that the auto banking feature does work only for certain tracks or track types maybe ? For instance, it seems that it does not follow (does not see at all neither) my midi tracks or my fx tracks. Is this normal ? What am I missing ?

Thanks for your help !


Hi @MikeNuendo

I’m grateful you are finding value in the script. The auto banking feature behaviour you are seeing is normal - I have the script filtering to audio and Instrument tacks only. If you want to change it the source line that does the filtering is linked below.

Thanks @robw for being so fast in your answer and for your help as well.
Since I’m not good at coding, I guess I need to add some lines like .includeMidiChannels and .includeFxChannels at line 270 ?
Anything else to do ?

Thx :pray:t3:

If you want everything, just delete the two include lines.
But yes, your suggestion is correct if you want more specific control.

I tried to put a single line for midi channels bit it seems the script didn’t work anymore yesterday. I’m gonna try your way to get everything. Thanks for your help.

Check the script API for the available options. If you find it won’t work for you ping me what you would like included and I’ll make the changes and check them at this end for you.

Hey @robw !
thanks for your help.
I just commented those 2 lines you initially wrote and everything work fine for me this way for now. I tried to find the information you told me but I guess I don’t know where to read to find it… I’m this novice this time, sorry… :crazy_face:

By the way, I just found a little bug I guess :
I’m on a midi track for instance, in the mixer view, the controller is following this selected track (since I did the change in the script), then I turn the controller on the 2nd page (Quick Controls), all is ok, then I turn back in the mixer view supposing I’m back still to my selected track but : what I see is the very first tracks of the session and I have to deselect and reselect the track I want to re engage the auto banking back on.

What do you think ?

Hi there,

Just an update about 2 things :

  • Little bug described here before still there, whatever I try, so I guess it’s a programming thing that I’m not able to deal with :slight_smile:
  • Another trouble I have is : How to assign Midi CCs in the last page which is supposed to be here to manage direct Midi CC sent messages ?

Thanks @robw,
Thanks everybody.