iCON QCon Pro G2 (+Extender) MIDI Remote Script

I have changed:
Only this…

But I think this has nothing to do with the order in which the different Cubase channels are displayed on the Icon mixer.


As far as I know, the MIDI Remote (same as other remot devices in Cubase) inherits the order of the MixConosle 1 channels.

Ok, and do you know where this could be modified??, maybe within the “.api” directory in: “midiremote_api_v1.js”

Because when it comes to mixconsole, even if I make those channels disappear in the options on the left, Icon still appears.


As far as I know, the MixConsole Zones are not taken in account for the Remote Devices. And you cannot change, which MixConsole will the Remote Devices follow.

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I stop here only for saying that the script for iCON QCon Pro G2 is working for Platform M and X+ too.
I have tried with my old Platform M(V2.01) and a Platform X+(V2.04) with Cubase 12.0.70.
In fact I have recovered the Platform X+ that I was selling because the Platform script that I was using did not work with extender units. Now I have 16 fader with auto banking , perfect!!!.
Thank you @bjoluc for this script.

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This is such a fantastic thing to chance upon.

I’ve just upgraded a Platfom-M (working adequately under vanilla Mackie) to an Icon V1M.

I presume much of the original script would be likely to work with Icon’s new iMap and the V1m.

The unit is pretty good, save for the nonworking stereo master levels, and a few other niggles (rotary encoders a little glitchier than I would like)

Are the following “possible” with scripting in Cubase?
Stereo master-level meter ?
Useful info on secondary track displays?
Colour display according to track?

Or do I just ‘make do’ ?

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I have also thought that when I finish the midi editing and record it in audio, I can record the new audio project eliminating the input busses in Cubase and thus they do not appear in Icon (it would be a possibility to fix this),

I can also save presets with and without input busses.

I’m even thinking about also disabling the audio channels in the script, since with the production I start in midi and mixing with the input busses as audio channels, and once I convert the midi tracks to audio, what I do is work with group channels as subgroups…

I am realizing that what I have to do is also change my way of working since before I did it with a digital mixing console and now with a Cubase mixing console controller.

I don’t understand why this chat tells me that I can only make a maximum of three comments temporarily, what a shitty chat of steinberg if I can’t have a conversation about doubts.

Hi @Jose_Cardell,

this is a known issue of the MIDI Remote API: It doesn’t yet reflect channel visibility settings from the mix console. What you can do with the latest script version (v1.9.0) at least is configuring channel visibility in the config section (at the top of the script file) instead of having to search and edit the rest of the script. Hope you found a workflow that does the trick for you.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know! :tada:

I cannot say for sure. Anyway, I’m planning to add support for the V1-M/X and I’ve already contacted ICON for this; there’s a discussion on GitHub that I’ll keep updated when I know more :+1:

I assumed this script would work out-of-the-box with Nuendo as well but so far, using Nuendo 13 in Win 11, I have had quirky resets during playback which disables transport controls. My Icon pro G2 + Extender worked well with Mackie Controls but then I didn’t try to program any of the unassigned buttons.

I would have thought so too! Will see if I can replicate this and track it down.

Many thanks for investigating. If it helps I have attached my Midi Port Setup. I have a Streamdeck set up as a Midi Remote using SideshowFX - this can go if it is interfering as I really don’t use it enough.

Well, everything works smoothly for me with a fresh Nuendo 13 installation on Windows 10, I’m afraid :confused: I’m curious whether you still keep seeing these issues when no other MIDI Remote scripts/devices are connected/set up.

Yes it worked for me for a while too, then during one playback of a song two faders did a little dance (playback was unaffected) … I didn’t investigate until they did it again and I tried to stop the playback using the transport buttons on Qcon Pro … and they had stopped working.
I had multiple issues getting the SideshowFX midi remote to work correctly so I’m happy to keep experimenting.

Ha, the fader dance! Have you removed the old Mackie Control remote devices in Nuendo?

Not removed them but I have disconnected them until I get it all working then I will remove them. Today I will be stripping out the SideshowFX Midi-Remote and associated midi entries and I will return with info on how I got on.

OK, removed all the Sideshow FX connections and Midi-Remote + the midiLoop software which was required to interface with StreamDeck. Everything seemed to work ok during my session but, after taking a break, transport buttons were disabled again when I returned! The gremlin struck when I wasn’t looking!!

I know that the USB chain in a hub can be crucial with some setups - it certainly was with SideshowFX, so I am going to play around with where the Qcon Pro G2 is connected and see if that eliminates the issue. I currently have it in a powered USB hub that also incorporates the Komplete Audio 6 interface and Komplete Kontrol.

Nevertheless, it seems to be working well apart from that one glitch!

There’s a known issue of devices disconnecting randomly.

Here’s the related thread.

Unfortunately no solution for now. Although i recently noticed that touchOSC bridge didn’t disconnect for 24h so maybe we could find a workaround using virtual ports? Still need some testing.


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