ID3 tag editor improvements

I let myself summarize some old feature requests in one common and add my own - ID3 editor needs to be upgraded with 3 main things:

First - Cubase uses ID3 version 1, and it’s pretty outdated. When preparing a track or an album for publishing I need to rely on 3rd party tag editors because modern platforms support and are filled with content with album image covers, long names, and Unicode symbols, which ID3ver1 is unable to do due to its limitations. So it should be upgraded to version 2.4. With this upgrade, it’ll be possible to do this without the need to leave Cubase. For compatibility reasons, users can be prompted to choose, which version needs to be used in this particular case.

Second - the ID3 tag should be stored on per project bases. Despite that this is handy, it’s also about confidentiality. For example, not every client reacts nicely to that I’m working with his concurrent, because I forgot to remove the tag since the last mixdown due to the tight schedule. Even worse (of course by your mistake, but…), you can undeliberately breach NDA by this action.

Third - naming schemes are awesome, let them be present in ID3 editor as well. It’s a time saver, for instance, if you need to mixdown a mastered compilation of tracks, you just use project cycle markers to name files and you are able to fill the tags by using variables and separator signs, all in one go.

To moderator - I know, that it’s better to highlight one particular function in one request, but it is all related to the tag editor, so I decided to combine these three aspects. If I need to separate them - let me know please and I will do it.


Yeah, the global ID3 tag information really makes no sense to me, and it has messed me up a number of times when working on multiple projects somewhat in parallel. I don’t have client confidentiality issues since I’m mostly working on my own music, but it’s still a pain when I have to change the title and other information each time I switch between projects and need to render an MP3 as part of a batch export.

The old ID3 info can also be a pain, as, in certain cases, the Comments field will be truncated, and I have to go end up editing that after the export even if the all the other limited information Cubase supports would have been sufficient. (I mostly don’t use the comments field, but, when I do, I use it for contact information, along the lines of “Email: <my_email_address>”, and I guess my email address is a little too long for that limited field in the Cubase ID3 tag version.)

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