If you are looking for a channel strip

I should say i cofounded the company but left in 1972.


It’s a really good one. My only complaint is they charge too much for it. I got it for free back in the day. I can’t even remember how or why they were offering it but literally it was just a “sign up and we stick two licenses in your iLok account” kind of thing. Very nice.

I like it and use it, but I’m not sure I’d pay $250 for it. Of course to be fair I haven’t really looked at other channel strip plugins to see how much they cost so maybe that is just what they go for.

channel strips are all over the map from $40 up.

The point is most give a free trial so you can see what works for you…s


Looks like in general they are much more expensive than I though they’d be, which puts Ultrachannel more in line with the rest.

I was just really surprised that they gave it away to anyone who asked, and then it ended up being $250. Usually when there’s free giveaways it is for less expensive stuff.

I have their collection. Quite useful. Before that, I used to use the various incarnations of their H-3000 unit.

Well most of the ~$40 versions are Waves plugins :slight_smile:

Mostly comes down to the right combination of modules, sound, and user interface. So some it is personal taste.

Someone mentioned the UAD AMS Neve CS. Might have great DSP supported sound, but the UI is horrendous.

They all seems to have the basics of eq, comp, limit/gate. Where they separate is de-ess, dyn eq, and saturation. And flexibility of signal chain / side-chain. If that matters comes down to style and material you work on.

Regarding sound quality, some of it is real, some of it is marketing, and emulated colorization.

Good presets make a difference too, which is something Ultrachannel seems to have. I’ve used it on bass a lot because I can’t seem to figure out what I want that sounds good but picking one of theirs makes me go “ya that’s nice.”

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