iLok 1 support in Cubase 7

Plug-ins using iLok v1 keys are not fully compatible with Cubase 7. Please update to iLok keys to v2.

That’s incredibly shoddy - another needless £40 to the asking price and a whole lot of hassle. Steinberg - you gotta address this ASAP.

Please all people affected +1 to this thread.

+1, i do no need to change my already (2) Ilok V1 that WORK FINE with Cubase. I stay with C6.5.


I live in argentina, with no ilok dealer…did you say hassle?


I already did pay enough for the C7 upgrade and my I-lok v1 works fine why do I have to buy another I-lok (v2)?


No one is being forced by Steinberg to upgrade to Cubase 7, to buy a new iLok 2, to move off XP, to buy a new computer or anything else. The choices are yours, but “if you want to play, you gots to pay” :slight_smile: And Steinberg is not the only company to recommend/require an iLok 2.

When should they do it, 2 weeks after?

It takes beta cycles to find the bugs and final patch cycles to figure out which ones you aren’t going to get to. I think its cool that they posted the big things they know about BEFORE anyone plunks down cash.

Well except for the stupid part … none taken :astonished: :mrgreen:

However, I don’t agree. I’m sure they probably knew they were having problems with iLok 1 for awhile. But, that doesn’t require a statement. How do you know they weren’t trying to fix it and just couldn’t do it in time?

The stuff on that list is pretty tame really. But, it’s possible I am being stupid :laughing:

I blame JMCecil :mrgreen:

Just an idea to all:

Here is a form to buy an Ilok 2 in a more reasonable way (comes a plugin with it):

The ilok 2 comes almost free. I bought mine that way.

I may not go C7 and up for a long time if the iLok v1 is not supported. As much as I don’t mind paying for a new dongle, I have read too many stories of iLok 2 dying within a few months of use. I have EW sound libraries on my iLok, and am too scared to move the licenses.

Hi all,
we just updated the Knowledge Base article regarding iLok key v1 support:

Plug-ins using iLok v1 keys
Plug-ins using iLok v1 keys may not be fully compatible with Cubase 7. If you experience difficulties when using an iLok v1 protected plug-in, please update to an iLok v2 key.

This means an update of iLok v1 keys to v2 may not necessary - depending on the plug-ins in use.


Possibly in Knowledge Base there is an error?
Kush Audio UBK-1 also doesn’t work at my iLok v2 in Cubase 7
Thus perfectly works in 6,5.

I have some Antares plugins running on Ilock V1 with no problems.



They didn’t say:

“No iLok1-protected plugin will ever function in Cubase 7 at all. NEVER. EVER.”

They said:

“There’s a chance an iLok1-protected plugin might misbehave.”

A chance - as in “maybe,” “perhaps,” and “it will depend highly on each particular plugin.”

Can’t you read English?

This means there’s a CHANCE that a plug might have various degrees of diminished functionality. It does not automatically imply that every iLok1-protected plug will suffer instant catastrophic failure.

The mass hysteria surrounding this is simply astounding. Is everyone 14 years old here? Nobody’s telling you to go run out and buy an iLok2 or never be able to use any of your plugins with C7. You will need to find out for yourself if you have a misbehaving plugin and if that’s the case, how to go about resolving the issue.

And the complaints about iLok2 being expensive? Come on! Cubase is a professional tool, you paid $500 and upward (if this is your N-th upgrade), and if you’re serious about making music, a $50 iLok2 is chump change compared to most of the other studio gear most of you own (plus you can use the old iLok1 as a dump for trial licenses that, if you paid attention, you know cannot be deleted from an iLok once deposited onto it). Are you serious about making music or do you just love to complain how unfair technological progress is?

I applaud you, sir.

I have an iLok 1 with Altiverb, Melodyne, AutoTune EVO, Harmonizer, Ozone 5, Alloy 2. I have run all of these plugins without incident in Cubase 7 64 bit on a Mac with 10.75. I don’t know if my circumstance is the rule or the exception, but I suspect the issue may be quite isolated. Also, my 6.5 installation has remained stable, if that makes anyone feel better.

I’ve had no issues with installation, starting new projects or loading existing projects so far. knock on wood


Congratulations on the world’s most hysterical reply to a challenge of hysteria! Clearly for anyone heavily invested into iLok v1 licenses, the issue is very important - switching iLoks etc is always a fraught business, never mind the expense, and if it didn’t work at all it’s a major barrier to instant upgrades. Since we were advised to switch to v2, that was a reasonable deduction. However, the additional information now provided by Steinberg plays up the idea that the products may still work, which is obviously good news.

I’ve heard from someone else with C7 that EWQL stuff is working fine. This thread would be useful to list known good / bad libraries and plugs.


Fraught business? Expense? Switching to iLok2 costs $50 and takes 5 minutes.

  1. Plug iLok1 and iLok2 into computer.

  2. Log into iLok account.

  3. Click “Move licenses,” select source iLok1, select all licenses, select destination iLok 2, click “Move.”

  4. Wait 5 minutes until all licenses transfer.

  5. Enjoy your new iLok2!

  6. Bonus - use the old iLok1 for trial licenses instead of cluttering your new iLok2.

Seriously. I had about $15k-worth of licenses on an iLok1 and when Lexicon started requiring iLok2 for their reverb and FX plugs, it took me exactly 5 minutes to switch once I got my iLok2 from my local music shop (a half-hour trip).

This is my message earlier
iLok v2 (some licenses) does not work (I have both)
And what do you say now??

I buy iLok v3 ?? :laughing: