I'm out. Going to logic

I’ve used cubase for years. Almost 20 to be exact.
But there are far too many issues that haven’t been addressed for me over the years. The fact that Cubase isn’t scalable on mac is a big issue for me.
I’ve used the trial for logic and I personally feel that everything that has bothered me about cubase, logic has figured out. I haven’t had stability on cubase for a long time. Frequent freezes and the program closes quite often.
There are many great things about Cubase and I’ve been very happy over the years. However, this last update tipped the scale for me.

I want Steinberg to know that many people have been requesting fixes for a long time. And these simple features have yet to be addressed.
Best of luck Steinberg. I’ve casted my votes many times but not anymore.


I have only been using Cubase for 3 years. But I kept buying upgrades because of all the problems Cubase causes me, until I bought the Pro version. With each update I hope the bugs are gone, but they usually just add new ones. The latest version of Cubase Pro can’t remember which projects I last had open and crashes almost daily. The artist version 11.0 has not crashed.


Vaya con dios, see you in a year or 2… one way or another…lol


No hombre, no voy a volver

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Not Luna? You were praising it even before it was released. I think you said Luna would be “Game over Cubase.”

Another Mac user looking at the developer instead of the OS which is not an engineering OS, it’s a user experience OS. Everytime Apple released an update it breaks everything, Apple has no regard to compatibility longevity… I’m still running Cubase 10.5 on Windows 7 - zero problems.

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I switched (back but not since '04) to Cubase from Studio One (10 years) for mixing/mastering about 6mos ago. In the first month while demeoing C 10, I didn’t have one crash lol so I bought it. Now I have 3 or 4 a day and lose data just like why I left Studio One.

I would agree with the OS argument except for one thing: I’ve also been using Bitwig as main production daw for years-not one crash, ever. This simple fact defeats all “it’s the OS” arguments, because 3rd party plugins will always cause a crash if you have enough of them, unless the DAW sandboxes that ish. I use the same 3rd party plugins-100s of them, in every daw. Only one never crashes-bitwig. By crash I mean shutdown/freeze-it will stop the audio engine but that’s it-no data lost.

I wish I could mix/master easily in Bitwig but it’s got a ways to go yet with vocals etc.

Bitwig has the advantage of being the freshest codebase on the market, and it’s also a much simpler program apart from “doing what it does”, hence, it not having the mixing facilities you like.

I get the sense a lot of VST developers don’t even test their plugins in Cubase/Nuendo - - the authors of VST - - and instead test them in a “popular” program like Abelton.

Every time I see one of these threads, it literally makes my head hurt. I don’t understand why people feel the need to post these.
I also don’t understand why people don’t manage their systems. Especially on Mac. Turn off the freaking auto-updates. Stay on a version of the OS and software that is stable. At least until there is a feature or function you NEED or JUST HAVE TO HAVE.
You can even do this with Windows if you put a little learning into it.
Good grief people.


Yes, it will be eventually. I have no doubt about that. Luna is pretty damn amazing. But is still a baby in the grand scheme of things. Game over meaning the model. Free Daw with free updates and powerful plugins… Yeah, I still stand by that.

It’s not free, you have to buy an interface.

You also get a free Cubase when you buy Yamaha interface

What do you mean by this? Where is Logic different in this aspect?

I did this last year. Since then, I’ve had precisely one crash that cost me any work as opposed to the bi-weekly events that inspired the move. For Mac users it’s really a no-brainer. No dongle eating up bus bandwidth or hub space and for $200 you get the whole thing instead of a mid-level commitment. Cubase is good, but needs to be better. You’ll get used to it in no time.

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Exactly :+1: logic has better instruments, effects, and a more modern approach where pretty much everything can be adjusted to your liking. Plus the windows are scalable and the plugins are readable. In my standard format.
I would just use luna but its not there yet. I tried.
All my Cubase projects are finished and after 15-20 years I have no commitment.

Regarding UAD vs Steinberg interfaces… There’s no comparison. The top two companies RME and UAD stomp Steinberg interfaces. Stability, latency etc.

I agree with all this however after leaving cubase for a while for logic I came back. Cubase is cleaner, easier to use, more intuitive and more enjoyable to use. Logic is powerful but for me cubase has the edge. The logic GUI personally puts me off too.

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Did you know there are logic skins? This might actually win me back if cubase continues to be buggy


actually have a cubase skin lol but I’ve seen cooler ones like API

maybe I’ll give logic another chance-I left it for studio one in '06 due to showstopping bugs

I tried some logic skins. They never worked properly. Broke with updates. Never quite right etc. I honestly am surprised I came back to cubase. I truly thought I wouldn’t after having invested years learning it. So draining having to work around bugs etc. Only reason I came back is because they had some big sale on that gave me an upgrade for very little so I was curious to try it out. Especially after spending so much money on it over the years. And crazily enough I was really impressed. It had come on leaps and bounds. This was from 8 to 10 I think. And I’ve stayed ever since.

But I do know it isn’t easy sometimes. As you often have to be like a scientist with the patience of a warrior to work out why it’s bugging out. But on the whole it’s more or less working well for me. The bugs do annoy me from time to time but I’m getting projects completed so that’s the important thing. And even though logic is so powerful now I just can’t bring myself to learn a new daw to the gunslinger speed that I’ve cubase down to now. But it is frustrating. If only steinberg ironed out the performance issues and fundamental bugs it really would be a leader. They have so much competition now they can’t allow these things to taint their reputation.

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Competition is hard. It is sometimes mentioned that Cubase is very complex and has the most features etc. but todays music does not require million features. People want stable, easy workflow DAWS where ideas from A to B take the least amount of time. Most users do not use half of their DAWs features to create the songs we hear today. Everything got simpler and people got used to create and consume fast. People just want to grab a laptop or ipad and create their ideas without dealing with complexity and bugs. There is a huge aspiring young crowd that want to get into it. That is why some simpler DAWs became popular over the last years. I have Ableton Live as a side DAW and do not remember when was the last time it crashed on me. Now you can’t compare Live to Cubase for features at all but it is a complex DAW in its own right and it is more than enough and fun to create. If Steinberg targets only big media composers and mixers then at least we should see the improvements and bug fixes there before adding an OTT clone.
Overall what I think is Cubase needs a public beta period for the updates. It is indeed a very complex DAW and easy for bugs to slip to releases. The more people test it the better chance to have a more stable version.


Maybe there’s no pubkic beta as they want to keep new features secret from the competition. But yes any daw developer needs to attract young users to stay in business. A lot of people do not want cubase to implement a session view for example but cubase needs one fast, to attract the young producer crowd. Get them young. Keep them for life. Rule 101. It already has session view capabilities it just needs refining. But cubase also needs a huge bug fixing drive too. They’re getting a reputation for being bug heavy.

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But if this is the case then are you saying that steinberg should not be making a Mac version? Would this hit sales revenue if so? Would they be able to survive without Mac revenue?

If this is an OS system fault then are steinberg not at fault for continuing to develop for an OS system that keeps breaking the software as you say it does., and yet selling it as a no issue fuss free piece of software?