I'm very disappointed with the 13.0.30 update

While Steinberg has gone to the trouble of changing the track type icons to black (unexpected but welcome, btw), I am still unable to identify whether a track is mono or stereo from the mixer, without having to adjust the zoom level or going back to the project. The icon is 3x the size it needs to be! Please fix this. What is the point of the new feature of switching from mono to stereo if you don’t render it accessible?

Secondly, while the new mixer is a massive improvement (once you’re used to it), I really miss being able to adjust Send levels with the mouse wheel. It is great not to have to worry about accidentally changing a setting while scrolling but why not make them adjustable with Ctrl-wheel?

I suggest that these are trivial changes that would make using your otherwise excellent software much more useable.

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Seriously, where is the issue ? :thinking:
This screenshot has been done with a 2560 x 1440 monitor, which means that it appears probably bigger under any lesser resolution …


Why not indeed ? The problem is that each and every fellow here, has her/his own idea about how different [key] + [mouse] actions should behave. On my end, I would be delighted to be able to double-click on a fader to set it at 0dB, in example, instead of having to use the ctrl key…

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What is this massive improvement you speak of if I may ask?

You can change the mouse wheel thing in preferences.

It’s under: Editing - Project & MixConsole. ‘Scrolling: Disable Mouse Wheel for Parameter Change’ is the preference you want to uncheck.

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@cubic13 Try with narrower tracks… image

As for the scrolling, I’m simply requesting the restoration of previous useful behaviour.

@mlib The new mixer took some getting used to but it’s easier on my eye and I particularly like the way the various strips now open and close. You had to pick your spot more carefully in the past. Plus, as I mentioned, scrolling is a lot safer, although it has meant sacrificing scrolling Send levels, hence the above suggestion.

Hope that clears things up :grin:

Indeed. I forgot this use case… :blush:

OK, but the use of the ctrl key is not exactly the same thing, especially when one, with a guitar on its knee, has to use two hands to adjust a level…

EDIT - beside this, I think that @Dunk79 has a solution for your second issue. Completely forgot that a preference for the mouse wheel behavior has been recently implemented, I must say…

Another thing that had me slightly confused for a while; not sure if it’s a 13.0.30 issue or if it was introduced earlier but it’s ‘new’ to me at least:
Ctrl-click on tracks to change their color seemed to have stopped working. I could get the dialogue right away with Alt-click though, but what it turned out to be is that if you have Tooltips activated and mouse-over the channel number or channel type, the tooltip hinders Ctrl-click from working. So now I have to be very specific with where I click.
As far as I remember, there were no tooltip popups for these things before but I may be wrong. Who needs the channel number to pop up when you mouse-over literally the channel number though… I’d turn tooltips off if I could but I kind of need it for other things.

You’re not wrong. Here’s a thread dedicated to this issue.

Thanks mlib. Hopefully this will be fixed.

Thanks, I hadn’t spotted that. And thank you @cubic13 for drawing my attention to it.

So, it seems that we can have either easy scrolling for the sends or safe (and more convenient) scrolling for the racks section in general. I’ll have to decide which I prefer living with.

I’m a guitarist too so I get this but I wouldn’t typically be using my guitar when I’m mixing, which is when the situation I’m referring to tends to occur.

Interesting chat, this… :slightly_smiling_face:

I would consider acquiring a mouse with programmable side buttons and assigning one to Ctrl. It is quite handy and a cheap investment that enhances workflow substantially in several areas.
Personally I use a fairly standard mouse from Microsoft with three side buttons that I have defined as Ctrl, Alt and Alt+Shift.

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I’ve just set up a Key Command for this. Could work…

I find this Corsair Scimitar pro helpful. It’s great to have all those side buttons assigned to key commands or AHK scripts.