import DDP, burn montage - not the same

I need some help in sorting out whats going on here.
I received a DDP image from a well known mastering house that did a great job on a project, client jsut needed one tracked deleted. I imported the DDP, removed the track and accompanying markers burned the montage and the CD tracks wer not as the ddp image. I then imported the ddp and burned without manipulation, CD tracks still not as DDP. Tested DDP in ddp oem player and its perfect. I tried all versions of importing the ddp into wavelab and cannot make a CD from the ddp that corresponds to the original ddp.
Can someone explain why this is? I will try to make a test project and burn a DDP of my own then re-import hat and burn to test but can’t figure out why an imported DDP would be changed by wavelab by default.
Its possible its just this project but I’m suspecting is wavelab 7.01.
Any suggestions or others that have seen this and found remedies?

When you say, “CD tracks still not as DDP” what do you mean exactly?

I mean that the tracks on the burned CD from the montage do not correspond to the ddp exactly. Ids are in different places. Where there was a 1 sec silence before audio I now have audio, and not even the beginning.

I should be able to load this DDP, remove a track and burn as a DDP and the resulting CDs be the same as the original less one track if I hav removed the extra markers.

Shouldn’t I be able to import a DDP burn from the montage as a DDP then reimport the DDP and null the files? I would hope there was nothing being added or lost in the process.

This doesn’t appear to be the case. Maybe I’m missing something.

More clearly-
I burned the CD from the montage and the CD I made does not match the DDP as played in any DDP player. Tracks start at odd times, example-track 3 starts with 1 sec silence from DDP, on the bunred CD from wavelab trk3 starts in audio after the top of the track. No offsets moved no markers manipulated.
I’d love to find out weahts going on, I let a client down by not being able to do this for them.
Thanks for looking into it,

It’s difficult to say. I am in confident that the DDP generated by WaveLab is ok, and if you import it back it is ok too.
Now, if the DDP comes from another software, I don’t know. I know some DDP files from certain otehr softwares are ok and I have not yet been notified, before you, about a problem. I would need to get my hands on such a DDP file to analyse the problem.

I’ll see if I can find out what was used at the other place and if we can get a DDP to you, the label willnot release this file, I’m sure of that.

The shortest example is the best for me.


Have the same problem here… posted earlier that I couldn’t get burn from DDP… now I can! However, didn’t think to look at marker start points to see if they are in the right place. Discovered that music starts on burned CD in the wrong place. Go back into montage created from DDP and can see that markers are in the wrong place (and hence tracks start in the wrong place)… is this a bug with importing DDP?


As I said, importing a DDP file set created by WaveLab is always ok. Now, maybe another software creating DDP files, introduce some small differences that mislead WaveLab. This is why the only way for me to know is to get such a DDP file set.

Hi Philippe,

I can put the DDP file in Dropbox…is that of any use? Or WeTransfer is very good.



What dropbox?

I had some other problems with DDP as well.

I made a montage in wl7 with cd text, isrc and PQ coding and export that as a DDP.
Then i import the DDP into sonoris DDP creator and the CD text is messed up, meaning that when, for instance the songwriter of,let’s say, track nr2, in sonoris it’s mixed up to nr3 and other CD text gets messed up as well.
I already had this twice when working on an album when the songwriters are not the same for all tracks.

I always use sonoris to make the final DDP simply because WL7 doesn’t support MD5 checksums and most majors don’t except ddp’s without a MD5 checksum. I know about the checksum in wl7 but it’s useless in these cases.

I guess you should ask Sonoris about this CD-Text case.


Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. which uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization.

If you give me an email address via a PM I can either send you the DDP via WeTransfer or I can invite you to share a dropbox folder in which case the file will appear on your desktop dropbox folder.



It’s not sonoris messing up the data actually…

@da goose: You wrote earlier:

Then i import the DDP into sonoris DDP creator and the CD text is messed up

So why do you say “It’s not sonoris messing up the data actually” ?

@mcz: got your Sadie DDP, thanks. But it imports in WaveLab 7.01 without any obvious problem. Can you tell me what is wrong in the imported data?

I mean that if i correct the DDP that was made in WL and import the DDP again in sonoris things are ok which to me means that the the ddp that wl is exporting is not OK.
I will try to burn a CD from the ddp in wl to see if it’s ok then.

Hi da goose
you can use ( to create a md5 sum (OK1 step more)!About the DDP problems i have testet import/export (Sonoris DDP CREATOR Demo only)
CD-Text,ISRC and so on and Eclipse Verify always gave me a good result!

I mean that if i correct the DDP that was made in WL and import the DDP again in sonoris things are ok which to me means that the the ddp that wl is exporting is not OK.

No, this means this is a Sonoris failure. The adjustment you do in Sonoris makes it compatible with Sonoris, which is normal, but Sonoris should be able to import WaveLab’s DDP properly.