Import Old Cubase Files

I’ve got some old *.all files that I’d like to import into Cubase 9. Is this possible, or would I need an older version of Cubase to export into a specific file type and then import into Cubase 9?


The ability to import .all and .arr files had to be removed in Cubase 4 for technical reasons. You’ll have to download Cubase SX 3 to do this.

Use the menus to import your .all project file, then save the loaded project as .cpr. This will allow you to open the project in Cubase 9.
The conversion isn’t 100% perfect, but the results should be usable if you’re planning to make improvements to these old tracks.

I was coming back to the forum and for whatever reason my Google-Fu was up to snuff. I found a couple links that support what you just posted. Thank you for your help!